Very smooth brown rice porridge served with housemade salted beancurd, fungus, longbeans with eggs, pickled olive, vegetables and vegetarian dumpling. RM15 per portion. Delivery available during MCO.

Warm butter rice topped with smoked duck cook in Korean spicy and sweet sauce, cashew nuts, carrots, seaweed, sesame and sunny side up. It was surprisingly delicious. RM17.90 per serving.

Comfort food at its best! Spaghetti cooked in a creamy carbonara sauce with chicken bacon, Parmesan, shimeiji mushroom, topped with rocket and soft boiled egg. RM17.90 per serving.

One of their signature items here, the Soufflé Pancake. The texture is really airy, fluffy and moist. Comes with housemade matcha sauce, whipped cream, granolas and matcha ice cream. RM17.90 per serving.

Brown rice vermicelli fried with organic egg, bean sprout, cabbage and carrot. RM11 per serving.

Fried brown rice with quinoa, carrots, long beans, shiitake mushroom and organic egg served with a bowl of vegetable soup and vegetarian Sambal belacan. RM15 per serving.

Crispy handmade salted thin noodles with carrots and black fungus topped with goji berry. It taste like another version of carrot cake. RM8.50 per serving.

Brownrice turmeric fried rice with green bean, cabbage, purple cabbage, carrot and egg topped with a fried egg. It was surprisingly tasty with the turmeric. RM12 per serving.

Housemade non GMO beancurd with special tomato sauce. RM6.50 per serving.

Lutan 21 herbal soup filled goji berry, shiitake mushroom, hedgehog hydnum mushroom, lettuce topped with parsley. RM15 per serving.

Crispy housemade seaweed beancurd skin with Thai sweet Chili sauce. RM8.90 per serving.