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Omurice With Soup ($8) Fried chicken omurice with cream sauce and fried fish omurice with marinara sauce. I was abit disappointed that the serving does not look as much as those photos in the reviews. Beneath the egg, is tomato fried rice but there wasn't enough tomato. For this price, i think it's ok.
Crispy Chicken Omurice with Demi-glace Sauce Served with a generous portion of chicken. The chicken was juicy and lightly battered. Goes really well with the demi-glace sauce. Wish more sauce was given. Beneath the layer of egg was fried rice with a hint of tomato taste. Self-service soup and water are available. Overall an affordable and tasty meal.
Ming Foong
Meatball Omurice with Demi-Glacé Sauce Visited the new Canteen Bistro at Singapore Management University, which takes the place of the former premises of now-defunct B3: Burger Beer Bistro, located just a short distance away from Bencoolen MRT Station. Serving up only Omurice during lunch service, the Omurice here comes with various selection of ingredients such as Crispy Chicken, Fish Fillet or Mushroom, as well as a choice of sauce from Cream Sauce, Marinara, and Demi-Glacé. The Meatball Omurice is decently portioned for $8, though comes with its own hits and misses — the hits being the omelette itself and the Demi-Glacé sauce; the egg comes flavourful and blankets the bed of flavoured rice perfectly, being slightly runny for a good texture, while the Demi-Glacé sauce comes with an evident hint of meatiness, being a beef sauce that carries also the savoury notes of a typical brown sauce. The rice comes with a slight tang, though that it could be cooked for slightly longer considering that the grains were a tad tough, while the meatballs also felt a bit dry and doughy somewhat; the Omurice also comes with some greens such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber and coleslaw for a refreshing crunch and burst of flavours. Not too bad for those who are not too picky with what they are eating, and an interesting option to have around on campus overall.
Xing Wei
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Value For Money Steamboat ($29.80) Onepot offers a wide variety of soups and ingredients at affordable prices. You can get up to 3 soups per table and we got laksa, mala and chicken soup. The chicken was a bit plain for our liking but the laksa and mala were flavourful and yummy.
Mala Hotpot buffet for $20?? Yes, with #burpplebeyond it's possible. Although it's not the best, it's not too bad either considering the spread available (scallops, bamboo clams, mutton slices, etc). You're able to satisfy your mala cravings definitely. Do note that your clothes will smell of mala oil after the meal, so just go really casual if you want to!
Good Variety The sauces are pretty standard, & are right by the entrance. Next to that are the ice cream freezer & free flow sugary drinks station - these cost $2 extra (total), which I didn't opt for & I felt I wasn't missing out on much. For meat, I basically whacked the beef & mutton as I usually do. They weren't too fatty, which is great! The other options are pork & chicken. The main section where the rest of the ingredients are saw a large variety seafood (the bamboo clams were a bit smelly though), mushrooms, vegetables, my favourite tang hoon & thick sweet potato noodles, & I must have cracked 4 eggs into the soup nearing the end of my meal 😂 Overall, in terms of variety & quality of food, I was quite happy with what was offered. Give the Xiao Long Baos a miss, though - despite being included in the buffet price, they aren't actually nice. Not much soup inside, & the skin is way too thick. The top is also very stiff & hard (that's what she said). 💷 Cash/NETS only 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Eatigo for 50% off, clicked through via Shopback for cashback 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 📱 Accepts GrabPay
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Aged Black Pork Inexpensive Korean bbq Places sells raw meat too It's like eating bbq from the freshest source Good service Plenty of side dishes (free flow)
Lunch Set 17.5 (Include Gst & service charge) 无意中发现了一家深藏不露的韩国餐厅 🥩 Korean restaurant serve good meat. Lunch set can choose from bbq pork, fish or chicken, and several soups. The meat and soup are tasty, varies of interesting side dishes. - 分量惊人价格公道,吃得超满足。 - 👉🏻我和小伙伴都点了lunch set,一个烤肉(鱼、猪、鸡)+一份汤+米饭+小菜,一人17.5。👏🏻 - 🥩BBQ Pork ⭐️评分:8.5/10 可以说是我吃过最好吃的韩式烤猪肉了!肉很厚片却非常软嫩,酱汁恰到好处,咸甜度刚刚好。 - 🍲Soy paste soup with Seafood & Beef 牛肉/海鲜大酱汤 ⭐️评分:8/10 小份的十分可爱!牛肉和海鲜都很新鲜,还搭配了丰富的蔬菜。汤略咸,下饭刚好。 - 🐟Grilled Fish ⭐️评分:8/10 正常的韩式烤鱼,特别的是配了芥末酱油碟,这是什么蜜汁搭配哈哈哈。 - 🍽 Side dishes 小菜 ⭐️评分:7.5/10 这家的小菜分量也是惊人,最好吃的是鱼饼,浓浓的黑胡椒味;豆芽,清爽解腻。红薯是我第一次在韩国餐厅看到的配菜,特别硬很一般,其他的泡菜和腌萝卜都很一般。看来这家的主打一定是肉类了。 - ✨肉食爱好者可以去试试哦! - ⛩店家资讯: 🙋店名:GO! K - BBQ 📍地址:76 Amoy St, Singapore 069895 ⏰营业时间: 周一-周五:11:30am–2:30pm, 5:30–11pm 周末:5–11pm
BEST KBBQ EVER! So sad that i just found this place, serving possibly the best kbbq in SG!! the meat was aged and the taste was sooooooo good. both the beef and pork were really good!!!! Around $20-23 per portion of meat, not cheap but so so so worth it! looking forward to the next visit already❤️
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