Oof $7.90 for the Acai Soft Serve, is really value for money. The almond nut butter, isn’t overpowering. The generous amount of acai really puts the rest of the acai bowl to shame. Highly recommend, if you want to have a good quality acai soft serve.

The acai bowl has a decent portion so I would say it’s value for money. They provided an ample amount of nuts, cocoa bites, granola, Chia seeds. So it provided a varied texture every bite I took. I wish the acai at the bottom wasn’t as watery. Recommend:) $12.90

The price on the menu doesn’t include service charge and gst. In total, this was $94, pretty costly tbh. But I really like the ambience of the cafe, the wine glass bar setting is rlly aesthetic. The waitresses and waiters were friendly as well. Food quality is decent, noting extraordinary. Portion us relatively small compared to the price. The pancake is not very worth, there wasn’t much dimensions to it. The smoothie bowl was surprisingly filling. The egg Benedict’s has a unique design and plating, props to that. The poached egg was well done. Recommend for a brunch if u are out to spurge.

I like how the mayo was not overpowering and it complemented well with the slightly touched salmon and rice. Honestly one if the most worth bowls I’ve ever had. It was less than $7 after the burrple discount


There were a lot of elements happening at the same time. I like the guacamole, there were hints of lemon and the taste complemented with the bland rice bowl and salmon. The salmon was q nicely cooked. The bread stick was pretty extra probably just for the aesthetic. I used the eatigo 50% discount.

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After the 1-1 deal, it was $6.50 per person!! Rlly very worth. Despite the small bowl, the potion is awry are. The salmon is rlly fresh and I like how it was slightly touched. The marinated sauce also helps to add another dimension to the don.

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