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Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh, located at small Coffeeshop at Marsiling. I ordered the mix claypot. Bak Kut was tender, served in mild herbal broth with a lot ingredients. 💰$14 (bkt for 2 pax, 2 rice and tofu skin). 📍Hong Ji Claypot BKT. Blk 19, Marsiling Lane #01-329
Claypot BKT ($5.50), Mixed Claypot BKT, Peanuts ($1), Preserved Vegetables ($1.50) (Total $14.50) Quite a nice place for Malaysian-type herbal BKT but 2 little issues. Firstly, location is really really ulu and prolly closer to Malaysia than most of SG. Secondly, the herbal taste was a little light and not as flavourful and wholesome as I expected. (And one thing missing was the garlic bits in the soup!!! But it did come with some button mushrooms) Preserved veg was not as sour as I would have liked, but is good for people who find normal ones too strong. Price is very reasonable for the portion and quality, and the ribs are a little tough but not as hard as some other famous BKTs. Not really foodking-good but definitely a nice place to satisfy any herbal BKT craving in SG! 😋😋
Herbal bak kut teh Soup!! 😋🤤💯👍🏻 If you're not a fan of white peppery bak kut teh, you may want to give this a try. The broth is fragrant but not overwhelmingly herbal. Very comforting bowl of herbal soup, perfect for the rainy days! 👌🏻 Did not have to wait long before food are served. The meat and the soup taste great. The herbal soup type of bak kut teh with a distinct taste of dang gui which is not common in Singapore taste awesome and would definitely return for more. You’re able to refill the soup after as well!! 👍🏻 Personally prefer the herbal soup bkt than the pepperish one! 👍🏻 @burpple #burpple #burpplesg ———————————————————————— Rating: 8.5/10 Price: $25(for 3 people) 📍19 Marsiling Ln, #01-329, Singapore 730019
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✨Tiong Shian Porridge 🇸🇬✨⁣ ⁣ Fancy a nice hot piping pot of sliced fish thick beehoon soup? 🤩🤩 ⁣ ⁣ Many people would frequent this place for porridge but it is one of my go to places for sliced fish soup b/c I lurveee the broth. 😍 ⁣ I like that they added multiple ginger slices into the soup, really elevates the taste. 👏🏻 & they are pretty generous w their fish slices too! Each pot is priced at $6.80. ⁣ ⁣ TIP: If you like eating chili 🌶 like me, go add a few pieces of chilli padi into the soup to get that extra kick. 🔥🔥 Damm shiok. 🤤⁣ ⁣ 🍽 is at 265 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088745⁣ ⁣ 🕰 opens daily ⁣ (8.00am-4.00am) #burpple
Tiong Shian Porridge. Located at 265 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 088745. . . Pork Porridge with Century Egg, $4.50. A relatively large bowl of porridge for the price! Very smooth silky porridge with minced meat and generous portion of Century egg👏🏼👏🏼! This traditional porridge is very tasty on its own and texture is just right, not too watery nor sticky! Fried onions and scallions topping surely adds more flavours to it! Super yummy lunch! . . . #hungryunicornsg #tiongshian #tiongshianporridge #porkporridge #centuryeggporridge
A Tasty Pork And Innards Porridge ($4.50) Housed in a corner coffeeshop next to the huge Smith Street Market and Food Centre in Chinatown is this porridge institution. I have always gone there for their frog leg porridge but I tried the pork one last night and liked it very much too. For $4.50, it sure was chockfull of sliced pork, meatballs, pig’s liver and intestines. The porridge itself was properly seasoned and fortunately, not too sludge-like. I am not fond of eating porridge that has the texture of wet cement.
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