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Pasta Delight Ordered the grilled tiger prawn linguine and tomyum pasta. The star here is definitely the linguine. Pasta is well cooked and well seasoned. Tiger prawns are fresh and huge! The tomyum pasta was a little too watery for me. But the taste still packs quite a punch. Great lunch place.
Grilled Tiger Prawns Linguini Great al dente and chew for the linguini. Not super huge prawns but big enough to taste and bite prawns. All 3 prawns were very fresh. $12 for this dish in air conditioned, comfortable environment. Will highly recommend!!
Tom Yum Yummy Ever since it became trendy, I haven't been a fan of Tom Yum pastas.. Simply because I've had too many that fall flat - either tasting too artificial or too watered down. At first glance, you might think that At the Myo's Tom Yum Prawn Pasta ($12.00 nett) falls under the latter category - but you are absolutely WRONG. I'm glad I read a review of this dish before I decided what to order (though, surprise surprise, it was a review from the year 2017!). What he said still holds true - it's a soup, as opposed to a creamy pasta. & that was a winner for me, because oftentimes I find tom yum cream pastas too damn artificial. Despite it being a soup, it was still welcomingly milky, fragrant & harmoniously sour & spicy. I really wanted to slurp it down quickly, but I was already breaking out in a little sweat, so I had to pace myself. The portion is pretty good - served in a deep bowl with plenty of spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & soup. The spaghetti was done al dente, & the prawns cooked perfectly to a nice glassy texture, with a good crunch to them. However, with their tails on, I felt they were difficult to peel in a deep bowl.. .. But I can overlook that since I enjoyed this dish so much. I am impressed. 💷 Cash/NETS only 🌬 Air-conditioned seats available ☀ Al fresco seats available 📞 Reservations possible - I just walked in, though 📱 Accepts GrabPay & FavePay 📶 No free WiFi
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Fabulous baos you should definitely not miss out on. Bao Boy has been on my list since they first announced their concept along Hong Kong street and, alright it took me awhile, but I’m glad to say I got my chubby arse there at last. Here’s their Halibut Fish & Chip Bao ($16), which I gotta say is absolutely fantastic if not for the slightly disproportionate portion of tartar sauce. Fish is sweet and utterly tender, perfectly golden, disintegrating with a slight nudge and releasing a flood of juices in every bite. I’d down a fish & chips like this any day, which really is the point isn’t it. The coleslaw was light and refreshing, lotus leaf bun was soft and fluffy (though oddly cold, like out-of-the-refrigerator kinda cold), and the housemade tartar sauce was super tasty. My only beef was they really slapped on that tartar, so much that it was completely overwhelming the fabulous fish.⁣ ⁣ I just read that this concept’s a pop up that will run only till 8 Dec 2019 though, so make your reservations quick and grab yourselves some amazeballs bao! ⁣
For Elevated Steamed Baos in Clarke Quay Make a mental note of this cosy yet snazzy joint on Hong Kong Street for your next date night. From the same guys behind Butcher Boy, expect tasty buns like the Pulled Pork Banh Mi Bao ($14) where a light and fluffy Chinese bun is packed with pulled pork, a slab of pork belly, pickles and purple slaw. Vegetarians, opt for the flavourful Chickpea Falafel Bao ($12). P.s. Complete the night with with bespoke cocktails at 28 HongKong Street just three doors down! Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua
Pulled Pork Banh Mi Bao, Sriracha From Bao Boy at HongKong Street; a new establishment by the folks behind CURE and Butcher Boy up at Keong Saik Road focusing on their Asian fusion offerings. With their main emphasis on their Baos, the Pulled Pork Banh Mi Bao not only comes with pulled pork, but also an entire slab of pork belly for that extra oomph. Whilst the pork belly comes tender with a good bite, the pulled pork helps to bring a meatier flavour; itself being moist while not carrying a porky stench. Otherwise, the pickles provide a refreshing crunch and a slight zing, while the purple slaw also helps to add some texture to the entire deal; all coming in between a light and fluffy Chinese leaf bun.
Xing Wei
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Xing Fu Tang. Located at 2 Tampines Central, Century Square, unit 01-22, Singapore 529509. They have recently open another few more outlets at Paya Lebar Square, Square2, Takashimaya & Plaza Singapura. . . . Brown Sugar Boba Milk $5.30, Lemon Green Tea $4.90. 2 different feels, brown sugar milk tea is smooth, fragrantly sweet and soft QQ boba pearls, just like what we had back in Taiwan! Their pearls were made freshly on the spot before stirring them in a huge pot of brown sugar! We also bought another cup of lemon green tea, it’s so refreshing and citrus! . . Rewarding ourselves with bubble tea tonight for surviving the first mid week of 2020! . . @xingfutangsg @centurysquaresg #hungryunicornsg #xingfutangsg #brownsugarbobamilk #brownsugarmilktea #lemongreentea #centurysquare
brown sugar boba milk 🤪 the torched, caramelised sugar on top added a nice crisp crunch to the drink, which is pretty unique! the pearls, stir fried in brown sugar, were gooey and deeply flavorful. the drink was rich and milky — an intense and decadent treat. $5.30 | 8/10 ⭐️
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👣 Singapore - 🥤 Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) ⭐️ 6.5/10 🍬 cannot choose . SG: ⚫️ brown pearl (chewier than black pearl but it’s firm not soft) 🥛 mild taste . JB: ⚫️ black pearl (hard abit undercooked) 🥛 strong taste . TW: ⚫️ black pearl (well cooked) 🥛 in between . 💭 The drink was not sweet at all?! I was shocked! The brown pearl is only sweet initially at the first few chew but aftermath it gets tasteless. Not really brown sugar taste too. - look back at my past xingfutang jb review for more comparison #sfpxxingfutang -
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Ondeh Ondeh Kaya Toast I really like this fancy Frenchified take on Kaya toast, essentially turning the beloved breakfast food into a dessert. ($6) This creation consists of toasted house-made ciabatta smothered in creamy pandan custard, topped with a whole slab of French butter and drizzled with gula melaka and coconut flakes. This was so rich and decadent. But super well thought out; the cream was rich, milky and bursting with pandan flavor. The butter added contrasting saltiness (had the added benefit of not being greasy because it was served cold and it was really high quality) and the gula melaka injected that coconutty flavor that truly reminded me of my childhood snack ondeh-ondeh. It went well with the crusty crunch of the ciabatta. Really, really good and I definitely appreciated the creativity that went behind it. 8.5/10
Sweet Souffle Pancake - Earl Grey Pancake was very light and goes well with the Earl Grey cream! Wanted to try the kaya ondeh toast but was told that it is not longer available at this outlet :(
| 🥞 Ondeh Ondeh Soufflé Pancakes !... ~ · Sweet Soufflé Pancakes Ondeh Ondeh - $14 · Japanese style soufflé pancakes that comes with pandan custard, gula melaka, coconut flakes. The 2 soufflé are quite small but very soft and remains moist. The custard is seriously too sweet to finish it all. Together with the gula melaka it’s beyond words. Best to have those sauce served separately and pour them on sparingly. A reminder that the soufflé pancakes are made upon order and takes about 20min to serve · Antoinette @antoinette_sg
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Craving for this Mango Snow Mountain from @wangyuancafe. It’s perfect dessert for this hot weather. Mountain of Shave ice with mango pudding jelly, mango-flavored popping bobas, Fresh Thai honey mangoes, house-made mango sauce and mango ice cream, and top with savoury milk cap mousse. I really like the light savoury mousse and bobas in this dessert. 📍Wang Yuan Dessert and Coffee. 33 Keong Saik Road⠀⠀
Ice cold Chendol for the hot afternoon in a cool cafe @wangyuancafe _ Butterfly Prawn Fritters $5.80. A new side, which is included in their Signature Nasi Lemak set too. _ Photo credit: @yongkaiiii _ Thank you Crystal @wangyuancafe for the nice crunchy afternoon treat. _ #sqtop_cafe #FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG #PassionMadePossible #STFoodTrending #SGCuisine #wheretoeatsg #eatmoresg #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyond
MSW Durian Pengat _ Went to @wangyuancafe for dinner and this appeared before dessert. _ Not a purée. Real MSW durian pulp with fibre. Based on Nonya recipe, coconut milk is added to the Durian Pengat. _ Used as a topping for their MSW shake; filler for the MSW durian desserts. MSW durian desserts now available. _ Just a sampler. Not in the menu. _ Thank you Crystal @wangyuancafe for the teasing treat; & Always remembering my likings, my craving for Bobo ChaCha, since the very first tasting event she hosted. _ #sqtop_cafe #sqtop_desserts #sqtop_durian #FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG #PassionMadePossible #STFoodTrending #SGCuisine #wheretoeatsg #eatmoresg #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyond
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