(Rating:3/5🌟) Matcha burnt cheesecake 🍵(rm18) First time trying Burnt cheesecake in matcha flavour. It may not look so great but it tastes quite ok. (not very rich in flavour)

(Rating:5/5🌟) Ox tongue rice bowl (rm21) It doesn’t look appetizing but it actually tastes heavenly! Seared sliced ox tongue with soy sauce, chili padi, garlic chips on steamed rice. It comes with miso radish soup. Delicious simplicity 😉

(Rating:3.5/5🌟) Salted egg chicken nasi lemak (rm12) The Nasi tasted quite normal. The salted egg fried chicken was da bomb! The chicken skin was crispy thin and not oily. And the salted egg sauce didn’t make the chicken skin soggy at all 😋

(Rating:1/5🌟) Original Yuzu (rm25.90) Tsukemen’s main feature is to have really hot dipping soup and mid-cold noodles, however this soup was served warm :( The noodles were thicker than usual, almost like the udon, yet too chewy for my liking.

(Rating:5/5🌟) Burnt cheesecake (rm20) One of my favourite cheesecake is definitely from Huckleberry! Covered with a beautiful burnt crust on top and creamy cheese mousse-like texture on the inside which just melts in your mouth. Their cheesecake also available at Birch, DC Mall.

(Rating:4/5🌟) Yam soymilk (rm10) Love the texture of this drink because it’s smooth and thick! Bean looking for her (rm11) Their signature soy milk with brown sugar syrup and pearls. Pearls were warm, soft and syrupy which I liked a whole lot! The most right one is basically signature soy milk (rm9) and additional topping- black tapioca pearls (rm1). It tasted exactly like Bean looking for her but one ringgit cheaper tho 🙈👌🏼

(Rating:4.5/5🌟) Nagoya Mazesoba🍜 (rm23) Love this dish not only because of the flavourful sauce but also the noodles texture quite smooth. The portion looked small but it’s actually quite filling. Their Ajitsuke Tamago (rm2.50) was much better than many other ramen shops’. Overall, a good dish! 😋

(Rating:3/5🌟) Buttermilk chicken burger 🍔(rm18.90) I think there’s still room for improvement. The chicken thigh was juicy & crispy but the buttermilk flavour was way too weak. The best thing of this burger was the beautifully glazed bun. I’ll drop by again and would give a try to their Wagyu beef burger!

(Rating:1/5🌟) We ordered Ducky rice bowl (rm15) and Oyako rice bowl (rm15) Honestly I didn’t expect much with the price of rm15, however it’s still very disappointing. Rice is over cooked and too soggy. Portion is extremely small and the chicken isn’t tasted well. For the Oyako rice bowl, the pesto sauce doesn’t match the rice well. Definitely won’t be back for the food :(

(Rating:4/5🌟) Hojicha burnt cheesecake (rm17) If you’re a fan of Hojicha aka roasted green tea, I’m telling you to try it now! Really strong Hojicha flavour balanced with rich and creamy cheese base. *You can request for more hojicha sauce.

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(Rating:5/5🌟) A great deal with a complete meal with few types of lunch set menu to satisfy your roasted duck cravings. (rm18.90) It comes with soup,steamed egg,main course,luo han guo and herbal jelly! Love their Cantonese-styled roasted duck which is crispy and juicy at the same time. *This promotion only available on weekdays (10am-5pm)

(Rating: 5/5🌟) Custard danish roll (rm5.10) Fresh danish filled with custard cream is a perfection. (Rating:4.7/5) Toffee danish (rm5+) price slightly higher than custard danish! This caramelized buttery goodness tastes heavenly 🤩 (Rating: 2.5/5) Dorayaki with red bean paste (rm3) not as good as Chateraise’s tho