I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese food, especially Teriyaki. I can have everything with Teriyaki 🤣🤣

This cafe actually serves Japanese fusion, which means there is actually local twist to the Japanese food. They’ve got a wide range to choose from, ranging from the rice to noodles to Onigiri.

Most of the food are available for the entire day, except for their dinner menu which is available only from 6pm daily, and the breakfast sets that is only available from 8-10am

Craving for hotpot is real when the weather is freaking hot and you still want to torture yourself for this kind of meal 😂😂😝

I’ve always preferred going back to basics, hence I’ve ordered this “Two Pesos hotpot set” which required me to stir fry the meat first till it’s half cooked before cooking the soup with the ingredients provided. Well that’s the fun of hotpot right? Cook yourself before eating.

Every hotpot set comes with either rice or noodles, and you can always add on some other ingredients to your liking. Since it is a self service concept, you’ve to refill the soup on your own whenever you need more.

This plate of Wok fried pan mee with spicy tuna, may seem like fried noodles that you can get from the mamak but trust me it’s different. It has a perfect combination of the Malay and Chinese cuisine, which actually gives a perfect twist to how the appearance is.

Rata Subang serves modern contemporary Malaysian cuisines, fancy pizzas and cocktails too. If you would love to take nice photos of your food, sit near the glass windows during the day. The place is really cozy at night.


If you’re a big fan of matcha, then this is the right place for you.

Everything here is made of matcha, ranging from the usual matcha latte to crafted cocktails also the seasonal pastries and desserts.

My favorite pick will definitely be the Asam Boi as it is really refreshing and it does give different vibes to the usual matcha latte that is more creamy. Here’s a heads up for you, you can choose your type of matcha (Yuri, Hojicha, etc) for your drink to suit your preference.


Burritos served in sushi rice, wrapped in seaweed. Any takers?
This Japanese inspired healthy meal has got to be one of the new picks from the current ones in the market. This concept of using sushi rice instead of the usual, has got us intrigues on how a giant sushi will actually look like.

Of course, you can to pick your ingredients for this as well. It’s a bespoke healthy meal. Other than burritos, you can also get tacos or the usual rice bowls.

If you’ve been a big fan of Thurs 2.0, the Earl grey boba cake shouldn’t be new to you. Great news! They’re now launching different types of toast into their menu, and this particular one, Blackpink is made up of taro (pink) and charcoal toast (black).

The outlook might not look too good, as seen in this photo (for illustration purposes only) but it’s definitely worth the try. Taro toast is a rare combination 🙈

Do you know that 103 Coffee Workshop have got a lunch promotion on weekdays, where there is 50% discount on coffee upon orders of your mains? You’ll be able to enjoy your meal, with any coffee orders at a discounted price. How about ordering cups of House Latte for these pretty art?

Always happy to be back there for beautiful art like these. Their head barista, Irvine Quek is the current, World Latte Art Champion 2018 and I’m always very blessed to have my coffee made by him whenever he’s around. If he’s not around, feet not the other baristas there are equally talented as well, with the current Malaysian Latte Art Champion, Nicky who’s going to take on the world stage in Berlin soon.

Wish her luck of you’re going to pop by .

Joining the hype, Namelaka now serves their very own burnt cheesecake too, which is said to be sugar free like their current fruit series desserts. Been on cheesecake hunts lately, wouldn’t say that this is the best but it’s worth the try.

This cake is priced at RM18/slice.

I believe that everyone is into this boba topping on everything kinda hype.

So what makes this so special? The cake is actually an earl grey flavoured chiffon cake, which is topped with sea salt cheese milk foam and handmade boba toppings. Also once you cut the cake, you’re supposed to see Earl grey custard in the inside.

For the best experience, to indulge the cake as a whole and by that I mean “the cake + cream cheese + boba) altogether. Don’t eat them separately.

This cake is available in many different sizes, and if you want a huge one for birthdays, be sure to place orders in advance.

This cafe has a special vending machine like door and it’s located just opposite Subway Velocity, in front of Taman Maluri MRT.

One of my favourite snack from Super Ramen.

Deep fried mushrooms are best paired with two different sauces that was provided. Usually order this alongside my mains (the ramen) and this is good for sharing.

Why I love them because it’s not exactly oily and it’s just very very addictive. Reminds me of the Taiwan snack but it has a little twist to it.

This aesthetic looking drink isn’t your normal lemonade soda. It’s actually very useful to cleanse your tastebuds after getting your sweet tooth fix, when you’re at it, drink lemonade they say.

This drink is made up of pure lemonade, butterfly pea and some soda, and on top of that, they place a small scoop of Dragonfruit strawberry sorbet. How does that actually combine well together?

Good question..
Order that, snap photos and then stir everything evenly before you drink it. You’ll know what I mean by Unicorn dream, it’s just magical like that.

The rainbow tint on the drink was from the cup. One cup costs RM18, and it’s just very very Instagram worthy. Worthy the try!

Have you ever faced any issues while choosing your ice cream flavours?

Fret not, at CDLC they do serve these “Tasting platter” consisting of 4 different ice cream flavors of your choice and all are served in a petit form, mini ice cream cones they say.

Now, you get to try more than one flavours without contemplating what to get. Have fun!!