Mashed potatoes were great but the salmon was hard and dry. Not worth the price.

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Seafood taste was quite strong but overall quite bland and not to my liking.

We got these as an appetizer and its actually quite filling by itself! Comes w a side of thai sweet chilli which tasted not bad too overall good buy :)

Pasta wasn't too spicy and the cheese wasn't that strong either, overall very strong flavors all together :)

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Tried the Laksa Barramundi and was surprised to say that the combi works! The fish comes with noodles, tau pok and quail eggs and the fish skin was q crisp as well which was nice. Ambience was really good too :)

Tried the Shepherd's Pie at The Drunken Poet, one of their recommended dishes! Very filling and very delicious :)

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Third time ordering the yogurt drinks from here and decided to try two different flavours (strawberry and mango) from the ones we used to order (peach)

The strawberry flavour was rather milky while the mango was only okay in taste. Would go back for the peach flavour again as that was sweet and good.

Overall this dish was very satisfying as the chili crab sauce was just nice for its spiciness. The softshell crab has actual meat inside unlike other places and it wasn't spicy at all :). I ordered the buffalo wings which were a good touch as well.

This was one of the chef's specials and needless to say, it did not disappoint! There was a layer of flavours from the tortellini and the mushroom toppings were creamy and delicious. Also tried the vongole (not pictured) but was also delicious. Would definitely come back again :-)