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The Buratta was fresh, creamy and soft and went well with both the prosciutto or just the olive oil. Yummy start to the meal.

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Earthy and flavourful sauce with generous chunks of beef that coated the pasta well. Overall was a satisfying portion of pasta!

Tasty - shrimps, diced pineapple and garlic went well with the sweet sauce and the crust was also thin and not crispy. Enjoyed the mix of crunchy garlic chips and softer roasted garlic chunks in the pizza.

Generous milky, cream filling that was both light and velvety. The ratio of cream filling to pastry was good with the pastry not being overtly thick. Crumble at the top was a tad sweeter than usual but nice when eaten together with the filling. Great with coffee and for sharing.

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An unexpectedly yummy find. The wedges of potato were perfectly fried - crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy inside - and went well with the aioli and sunny side up. When broken, the yolk mixed with the existing sauces to form a delicious gravy for the fries. Only downside was the truffle was on the weak side and barely noticeable. Overall - fries well done.

Coffee was creamy and velvety from the use of the Hokkaido milk, but still nicely balanced with bitterness of the beans. Recommended for those who enjoy milk in their coffee.

Affordable and tasty Japanese food (especially so for salmon lovers). The salmon here was decently sized and went well with the base and sides. Overall it made for a satisfying meal. Add ons: avocado and prawn roe!


Cooked in a traditional wood fire oven, the pizzas at Amo have the great balance between thickness, chewiness and crispiness in their crusts. Ingredients are also delicious and of high quality. Loved the combination of figs and cheese with the traditional Parma ham in this pizza!

Favourite place to get my pistachio ice cream fix! Creamy with a strong nutty pistachio flavour that tastes really natural and yummy.

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As fans of burrata cheese, we thoroughly enjoyed this simple yet highly appetizing dish. The Pio Tosini Parma ham and Italian ripe tomatoes were tasty, and great with the creamy and pillowy burratina cheese. Good choice for an antipasti!

Picked the red version of the pasta which came in a rich tomato base. There was a good amount of crab meat woven through the pasta, and strong garlic notes that made the pasta tasty. Cherry tomatoes were delicious and juicy as well.

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