Tried their Dwayne (Goma + raspberry) and yuzu matcha
Loved both the cakes - cakes are so pretty and both taste great & are not too sweet
Had a iced latte and mango passion soda. Loved the soda too.
💸: 14.40 - very worth for the quality of cakes
Highly recommend!

Grilled Unagi aglio olio
Quite decent size of unagi and I quite like the dish.
Pretty decent pasta with the burpple deal with chill vibes next to a reservoir.

We chose drinks like Thai milk tea and earl grey milk tea. I recommend the earl grey milk tea over Thai milk tea.

Seafood arrabbiata + creamy shrimp & squid Tom yum pasta

Portion looks small but it’s actually quite filling. I like he creamy tomyum, interesting fusion dish & quite generous with the ingredients.
Seafood arrabiata’s sauce is only ok but quite generous with ingredients.
The vibes of the place is quite nice since it’s next to a reservoir.

Not my usual go to drink at alley but burpple deal was too good to miss.
Very value to get two large milk tea for $5.50!
I got the 25% sugar while my sister got 50%

We would opt for 25%. Tea was vey fragrant and It had a strong flavour. Would get again.

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My family loves the assam laksa, we find the taste of the assam laksa very rich and flavourful. They even give the sauce.
It’s not spicy, but we kind of miss the spice.

The rice is very lemak. But also doesn’t taste too oily. The chilli tastes good, fried egg is runny.
Portion is good and I love the achar. The chicken is a good size and I love the luncheon meat.

Price is also decent.

My favourite of the burpple choices available is the classic. Because you get both Charsiew and minced meat.

Also I love their chilli, understand why they are selling the chilli too.

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Love the egg Benedict and sauce
Portion is pretty decent and it comes with avocado and salad.

Pricey but good breakfast fix if you are craving.
Pretty decent with the burpple deal.

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Beef is quite tough but a decent place if you are in Tampines area and craving for some beef bowls

We love the tea and the teapot they use.

Came here for dinner.
Set meal is quite substantial and it’s a good meal if you are hungry.
Wanted to try this outlet since they had chawamushi.
You don’t actually save much with the burpple deal.
But it a good option if you want to have a big meal and some chirashi/chawamushi.

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We chose the medium rare cook
But came not medium rare, and regret not asking them to cook it a little longer because it was quite rare and tough to chew

But still decent with sides and sauce.
Side note: their mushroom soup comes with croutons.
Also this place does not have complementary water


Mushroom ravioli and seafood aglio olio
Decent pasta, very value with the deal
The ravioli is on the smaller side which is nice.

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