Charcoal waffle was done well, light and fluffy with the distinctive charred smokey taste. Got the wrong choice of ice cream to go with this, probably a creamier or chocolatey based flavour would be better, but still good. Overall the options are pretty safe, with nice variations, and the quality is pretty good too

The picture speaks for itself. 9 different types of assorted fresh sashimi, plated very nicely atop a layer of ice, seaweed and pickles (generous amount of roe too). Very thick slabs, portion was definitely worth the $108++. Not cheap but worth it! Service was fantastic as well, not to mention the cozy airplane-themed surroundings.

Price has increased to $9.50, but this is still a stall I would frequent. Generous slab of salmon (loved how they cooked it such that the skin is crisp). Pickles and miso soup to complement. Sweet sauce to counter the savoury taste, and definitely the star has got to be the mentaiko sauce which was served in generous amounts.

Really good deal with the Burpple 1-for-1. You get to pick a main (battered fish, chicken chop etc) with 2 sides. There's an assortment of fries as well (sweet potato, truffle fries etc). I thought this was impressive for hawker fare, fish was juicy and I appreciated the little crunches of batter they offered at the side. Not to mention, staff was very friendly too.

$25 for 2 with the Burpple Beyond set. It's not too bad a deal, the portion is a little small but there is a generous amount of meat. Tender enough, and makes for a perfect combination with the sauce and egg yolk.

The portion isn't super big, but the sashimi is really fresh and there is an assortment of ingredients. The price amounts to slightly over the $10 range with the Burpple Beyond set. Not the best deal but not too bad either. Furthermore, the service is extremely good, which makes for a pleasant dining experience.

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Tried several of their breads and everything was a winner. For this one, the garlic was strong which provided the aroma as well. Mixed in with a generous slab of cream cheese and herbs for the savoury bite, sourdough was not too hard and not too soft, really fresh. I loved how this was divided into 6 so it's easy to "pull apart" into bite sized pieces! (Also more aesthetic that way)

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Mildly spicy salami with sliced chilli peppers. Quality is really good and especially worth it with 1-for-1. Tried their risotto and carbonara pasta and really loved the rich flavours and the texture of the rice/pasta.

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A good place to go for affordable seafood (and Halal too!) Meat was packed full of flavour, the sauce made it very very savoury. Good if you like a variety of seafood (prawns, crab, fish, sotong, etc) and you happen to go with a group.

Affordable and generous portion of shaved ice. I love how the texture of the shaved ice is so smooth instead of having lots of small chunks. It contains a lot of flavour, yet they don't overdo the condensed milk and sweetness such that it tastes jelat. Toppings wise, not that much, but it's enough. Their choice of toppings is also very smart, including a few chunks of fruits and also bubbles (that you can bite to burst) / jellies which made the entire dessert very refreshing.

Going for $2 each, it's pretty expensive for an egg tart, but definitely much better than your usual egg tart. This one has a slightly thinner and softer crust, rather buttery (probably salted butter was used). Frankly speaking I like this kind of crust more, while the usual ones are tougher and are like "biscuits", this one is soft and flaky. The egg custard is smooth and not overly sweet. I would come back for more.

Probably the best Nasi Padang in Toa Payoh 😎 very homely taste, beef rendang was flavourful, loved how the dish was drizzled with different curries (lighter ones for the veg, heavier ones for the meat). Nothing much to go into the details about, but very very satisfying.