Happened to be at Bugis area and decided to check out the hype since the Q was super short (2-3 mins). The egg tarts are pretty tasty after reheating in airfryer - tried both the cookie and pastry crust and I personally find both equally nice. For the polo bun, I ordered the plain one and added my own slice of butter. Quite tasty too with the crispy polo crust at the top but found the bread a little dry. Priced at $2.30 each for the egg tarts and $2 each for the polo buns, I personally would not queue more than 2 minutes for this. Overall decent but there’s nothing special or wow compared to other egg tarts or polo buns around.

Very disappointed with this dish. Pasta was too dry and crab meat was too salty. And it costs $16.80++ 😱 Just order their baos and drinks.

If you’re a fan of dry ramen noodles this is a place to check out! The noodles are thick, Q and chewy. This spicy version is surprisingly pretty spicy for Japanese standard (perhaps tweaked to cater to local tastebuds) and is topped with tonnes of chopped spring onions, seaweed and an onsen egg.

New flavour launched this month! Creamy and zesty. Love it! Always my favourite go-to BBT!

Love their toasts! Tried out their butter sugar, earl grey, cinnamon, peanut butter and coconut matcha flavours so far. Personal favourite is still butter sugar. They have a wide selection of drinks as well, would always get this whenever i’m in the area.

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Beef was tender and served with Japanese Pearl rice. Service at restaurant was good.

Pretty decent duck confit with carrot mousse and mustard sauce. Can get a little gelat halfway though. Value-for-$$ with Burpple Beyond but probably would not eat it at its original price.

Love this pizza cos of the super thin crust and the taste is just right! Sufficiently garlicky with a little sweetness. It’s interesting how they serve this with a small bowl of whipped cream too! Recommended for garlic lovers.

Being a mala-lover I just gotta try this! Have always loved the ppong here cos i’m a huge fan of Q and chewy noodles. It’s pretty spicy but shioks! Recommended for spicy food lovers. Came with shimeji mushrooms, a bit of cabbage and pork belly. Wished there were more ingredients though. This place used to be on Burpple Beyond so it was much more worth with the 1-for-1, especially since the ala carte prices are a little steep for the food. Will be back if there’s promo!

Tried their salmon mentaiko, blackened chicken, and crispy chilli crab baos. They were all yummy! Will be back to try their other items on the menu!

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5th and final course of BB set meal. Basically ice cream with chocolate bits and gold flakes.
Verdict for BB set meal: 3/5
Probably won’t eat this BB set meal again unless they change the set meal menu. $88 for 2 pax is not really value-for-$$