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Nicely done, almost comparable to that of Valentino's in terms of taste though the crab meat wasn't as chunky as I would have liked it to be!

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Wasn't impressed by the looks of the dish, but it definitely tasted much better than it looked! Perfect balance of tastes - nice touch of garlic but wasn't too jelat. Will definitely order again!

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Was quite a small serving for $18. Batter was a tad too salty, and could have been crispier

Unagi was grilled nicely with a slight crisp and avocado was sufficiently ripe! Don was nicely seasoned with furikake and bonito, though egg was abit on the runny side.

Favourite dish that I order every time I'm here - rosti is extremely crispy along the edges, beef is very flavourful, though the dish is a tad on the oily side

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Barramundi was really fresh, and was cooked to perfection - skin was crispy too! The tomatoes (of different colours) were slightly sweet and matched nicely with the dish. Not a fan of cous cous, but cooking with with basil made it slightly more palatable. Definitely will order this again!

Pork belly was tender and nicely cooked without being dry. Howver, the dish got a bit jelat after a while as it was alot of sweet things on one plate - Apple chutney, pumpkin mash and sweet potato chips

Slow cooked pulled pork quesadillas & slow cooked beef burrito bowl with an added side of guacamole! Slow cooked meats were very tender and nicely seasoned. Guacamole was mashed very finely and is a must-add to the meal!

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