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Chocolate Donut With Tiramisu Ice Cream Dairy free ice cream made with minimal and super healthy ingredients with a vast selection of ice cream flavours and baked goods that rotate every month. If this isn't perfection, i don't know what is. I have been coming here every week on Weeknights ever since i found this place and i am never dissatisfied. Excellent service, friendly staff, delicious healthy baked treats. Some ice cream flavors have an overpowering taste of coconut milk due to the coconut milk. However, majority of the ice creams taste just like normal ice creams. The donut was soft, chocolately and gooey and the ice cream was creamy and delicious.
Sweet Potato Brownie Set ($11.50) One of the few vegan ice cream cafes in Singapore and glad to discover it taste as good as it's dairy counterpart! We ordered the brownie set which came with a sweet potato brownie, any scoop of ice cream (we picked cranberry snickledoodle) and 2 toppings (we chose toastes quinoa and chocolate granola). The brownie was so good. The chocolate glace above it was warm and thick and oh-so-comforting... And the brownie itself is soft yet slightly rich and mushy due to the sweet potatoes. Really love the texture and consistency. The ice cream was okay but I feel the flavors did not really stand out. But nonetheless, very happy that all these were dairy and lactose free! Will definitely come back again and again :)
Charcoal Vanilla With Gluten Free Cone $7.9 The ice cream was $6.90 and $1 for a gluten free cone. Delicious 馃構 not a fan of the cone because I just don鈥檛 like cones, but I didn鈥檛 want to waste a disposable cup so I just went for it. Worth the try!
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Somewhere between an atas grilled cheese and a classic cheap-ass American one Not that it isn鈥檛 good, but this is my exact sentiment. You鈥檝e got slices of good ol plain white bread, nothing artisanal about that and basically what classic greasy American grilled cheeses espouse; and then you鈥檝e got a rather atas blend of cheeses 鈥 emmental, brie, and parmesan cheese 鈥 melted to a soft, chewy, meaty centre, creamy yet flavourful enough. Yes it鈥檚 yummy enough, but at the same time I can鈥檛 help thinking it could be better either swapping the toast out for sourdough, or keeping the bread and throwing in some kraft cheese 馃 still it is a pretty good bite with the side of smoky bacon tomato soup, and very decently priced at $11.
Earl Grey Pancakes ($16) Enjoyed these pancakes which had good texture and the fragrance of the earl grey in the batter made it even nicer! The poached pear and crumble were nice additions too :)
aggs & xi
Perhaps coffee is a very personal type of beverage that no one flavour appeals to all and I clearly didn鈥檛 enjoy mine at PUNCH. The coffee lacks body and it鈥檚 too acidic for me even though there鈥檚 was milk in it and it still couldn鈥檛 mask the acidity. However, the one thing that would make me come back again would be the Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11) which was thoughtfully created with a trio of emmentaler, grated Parmesan and soft brie. A bowl of bacon tomato soup is served on the side for dipping. Choosing the right cheese is important to ensure that it鈥檚 able to melt in the heat and yet the cheese flavour profile will not clash with one another. In addition, some grilled cheese sandwich can be surfeiting due to the strong and pungent flavours of the cheese but the one here in PUNCH is very well balanced. 鈥⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩⑩ 馃搷PUNCH 32 North Canal Road, Singapore 059288
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