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The food was not bad quite a good big portion. Tempura not over fried and oily. The maple leaf has a slight sweet taste.

Although the waiting time seems quite long but worth trying.

Although there is not wide variety of food selection but if you love quality food, you should be able to enjoy their relax high tea selection.
To name a few: Fresh salmon sashimi, oysters, salad bar, ham and cheese.

Their dessert & fruits served at the end is perfect to end your high tea.

Won vouchers to eat at Ikura Jap restaurants, so we went to the Thomson outlet to celebrate my anniversary with kids.
Although the area is small but I like the environment and the services of the staffs.
Their sashimi is fresh and most importantly their ramen soup is good!
Can see more photos here

My friend brought me to this place for a quick lunch meeting. 1st time trying. This bowl is $7.90 if I remember correctly.
What I don't like is the limited seat during peak hours and the rice abit too salty for my liking.
Otherwise the salmon is fresh, overall still not bad.

Affordable BKT recommended by friends @ 365 Balestier BKT. This is my 2nd time eating, love the food, soup and services (because I got 3 kids πŸ˜‚, they top up soup promptly).

The soup is quite peppery, so my kids only had the meat. One bowl is $6 with 3 big pcs of meat. I love their pork kidney and pig skin!

I didn't know they have aircon seating area too but still quite OK sitting at the non aircon area.

Good Bites which is just opened recently, serve delicious food 🀀, very healthy and yummy, even kids also can eat and it's a good place to chill for a good weekend brunch. πŸ€—β €
β €
If you love cafe hopping, keto diet (the in thing now), kids friendly meal places without hurting your pocket, 𝒀𝑢𝑼 𝑺𝑯𝑢𝑼𝑳𝑫 check this out.

Read for more review and pricing!
Honestly there are so many yummy dishes to try, and with my limited space tummy for my growing baby girl, I could only try a few. So sad.. . πŸ™ Check out my blog missyqiqi(dot)com, and see what I ate! β €
β €

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🍰 Swipe left to taste @ Dino Cake House!πŸ˜‹ This Durian Well suits my taste buds well. Not too sweet and it's filled with yummy D24 durian! S$3.50
Rainbow cake! Every child’s favourite with a marshmallow on top.
Sprinkled with joy & happiness! Not overwhelmingly sweet, worth trying. S$3.80
Carrot Cake, I love how the light saltiness of the cheese compliments the sweetness of the carrot cake. 2 thumbs up! S$3.80
Brownie, A chocolicious cake with walnut. Not too chocolaty and good for chocolate lovers. S$2.80
Lastly, a cup of fresh Lemon Tea to digest all the sweet goodness! Yummy!β˜• #burpple

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