O K it was a good and satisfying meal but for the price and the location (got so lost trying to come here) it might not be worth a special trip down!!

W o w ..... was honestly so impressed by 1. The speed at which the food came 2. The aburi salmon that was plentiful (good rice-salmon ratio!) and the 3. Price!!! Really super worth it with beyond and if you like salmon this is the bowl to order. Really cooked so nicely :’) tried my friend unagi and it was not bad too!!

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It’s been years since I had Sunday Folks but it still tastes so good??? I’ll admit that the waffles aren’t the best, but the ice cream is really the star of the show. Rich, creamy and luscious without being too heavy. And that plating 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 buttttt a little on the pricey side so only when I’m feeling rich

Comes with prawn w mentaiko sauce, tea, miso soup and salad so I would say it’s a pretty good deal! :-) the sashimi was fresh and the generously portioned though the rice bowl isn’t the biggest! I love mentaiko sauce so I really enjoyed the tamago and the prawn

The deserts here are divineeee 😍 the lemon tart was of just the right tanginess and the lemon curd was so smooth 👌🏼 the banana banoffe was a weekly special and I really loved how the banana taste wasn’t too overpowering or artificial, and it was just the right sweetness

Once I had one spoonful of this I was sold 🙌🏻 honestly one of the best acai I’ve had due to the consistency (so smooth but not watery at all!) and the how it doesn’t feel like it’s been sweetened with apple juice. The fruits were a little frozen but the rest of the ingredients (granola at the bottom!) were good such that I didn’t realize the absence of a sauce! But the acai is really amazing and I will definitely be back ^__^

Served warm, crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside and filled to the brim with peanuts, I can wax lyrical about this min jiang kueh but its best if you try this goodness for yourself 😭😭😭

The chicken leg was definitely the star of the show - loved how tender it was!! The broccoli and cauliflower was a little soggy, maybe because it was soaked in the sauce for too long! But the rye bread went well with the sauce so overall it was a nice meal :-)

Was honestly SO impressed by how thick the chunks of salmon sashimi were and it was rather fresh!! Might be a bit small for big eaters so opt for the larger size - it’s rlllllyyyyy worth it with beyond

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50% off selected speciality rolls all day on Wednesdays so had to give it a try!!! My favorite will definitely have to be all salmon all the time cos it has salmon sashimi AND seared salmon! Honestly I wouldn’t be willing to fork out $16++ for a roll bc it isn’t the most filling (as compared to Rollie Ollie imo) so Wednesday’s it shall be!!

Pleasantly surprised at the acai here!!! For a place that doesn’t specialize in acai the consistency and taste of the acai was rlly good. The coconut chia seed pudding was also suuuper yumz and quite thick so it fills you up quickly!!

Truly a hole in the wall place but the best kind - the staff working there were so friendly and the whole shop was cozy and inviting (despite it being very small!). Honestly not rlly the best at discerning if the coffee is good but it was unique and not too sweet so worth a trip down!!