Pork Chop Bowl ($11), Lu Rou Fan 2.0 rice bowl ($13), red tea without sugar ($3). Rainy days call for some belly-comforting food and @thesaltedplumsg is where you should exactly go to. Other than their highly popular Taiwanese zi char dishes paired with sweet potato congee, why not try their rice bowl series (available from 11.30am-8.30pm) too? There’s always something for everyone. Personally, the pork chop bowl is a slightly underrated option. Not extremely fantastic, but the sliced crispy fried pork chop was marinated well, as if there was a fermented bean curd taste and some five spice powder. Nice balance between fat and meat, although the meat was a little tough. Served with pickles, sous-vide egg on rice. A hot favourite, the Lu Rou Fan 2.0, consists of a glorious slab of Braised Pork Belly in Haus Sauce 2.0. Slightly fatty, but incredibly tender slathered in a rich sauce full of spices. Served with bok choy, sous-vide egg on rice. @thesaltedplumsg is a #burpplebeyond partner where you can enjoy 1-for-1 $10 dishes! Join me by signing up for a 30% off premium Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 500 curated restaurants!
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Great Dinner! We used Burpple beyond (1 for 1 $10 dish) and ordered Burnt Chilli Chicken 2.0 and Oyster Mushrooms & Smashed Potatoes! In addition, we ordered bok choy ($5). First time at the new suntec outlet and they definitely did not disappoint! It was also really interesting bc we happened to be there while food king was filming! Lucky us! I’ve tasted the burnt chilli chicken before at the circular road outlet and it tasted a lil diff this time, which prolly explains why there’s a 2.0. still delicious, nonetheless! But good to get some drinks because it can be quite spicy for some ppl! For me, the star of the day was the oyster mushrooms! It was my first time trying this dish and i was pleasantly surprised! T’was crispy and light. Yum! Would definitely be back to try the other dishes! :)
Sour Plum Of course, that's the shop name. It's gonna be good right? The drink is very plum taste and sour just as you expect it to be. I like it personally But the counter did not tell us free flow drinks if dine in at the same price of $3.00 and comes with 1 Haus Side This take away is $3.00, the staff knew I'm dining in but I was not informed. He just stand behind counter playing his phone till next customer comes
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authentic vietnamese food in a cosy joint We had: Bun Cha with Grilled Pork & Spring Rolls, Bun Cha with Grilled Fatty Pork and Bahn Xeo (huge Vietnamese egg crepe). Everything was delicious and reminiscent of what we tried in Vietnam! Really flavourful! The restaurant was quite quiet for a Friday night. ⭐️: 4.5/5
Fantabulous banh cuon I remember one of my favourite street chows in hcmc being their steamed rice rolls, essentially their take on the local chee cheong fun. Seeing it on MOC Cottages’s menu won a big 😍 from me, yet elicitated a huge 😱 when we saw the $14 price tag. How much can they possibly zhng this $1 street food to warrant that price, I thought. But then, look at that HEAP of pork on the rice rolls. Discounting flavour entirely, just that massive pile of chargrilled pork makes it completely worth the buck. And then you factor in the soft, silky, smooth rice rolls, the bed of fresh herbs and greens, and an amazing nuoc cham sauce on the side — absolutely gorgeous. Ain’t gonna lie, this completely turned the tables after their lacklustre banh mi.
Best Bun Cha In SG Ordered the sliced beef pho and Bun Cha. Soup - lighter than other stalls but not bland Pho - on the softer side Bun Cha pork is amazingly godlike best grilled pork that goes perfectly with the fish sauce Fish sauce - very authentic vietnamese slightly sweet slightly salty perfectly balanced umami Sauce - 3 types of sauce available. Chilli damn shiok. Avocado smoothie - blended in front of our eyes fresh
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4 Oz Cup, Double Scoop ($5) This is hands-down-without-a-doubt my favourite ice cream place! 💕💕 Their flavours never fails to impress and there is such an extensive variety despite changing the flavours every day! Truly the hardest decision to make when you only get 4 flavours to choose, but the staff are an absolute delight and were so friendly and helpful in letting us try many flavours while even explaining to us the ingredients! Truly A+ service and A+ ice cream, and so extremely worth with burpple Beyond (I would totally still buy it even without discounts)! Really liked the Chocolate Sorbet (rich creamy and oh-so-chocolatey!), Nasty Mix (snickers bar in ice cream form omg) and Genmaicha (matcha and brown tea ice cream from Matchaya that’s a little fuller and more milky than the usual Matcha flavour). The salted caramel cheesecake was nice but personal preference for the first 3 flavours still 🙃🙃 Definitely worth a trip (or many more) for really good ice cream!
Double Scoop Cone Decided to try butter pecan + Banana walnut Butter Pecan 🤤👍 Feels so sinful.
One Of My Favs Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream was one of my favs 🧀 Cream cheese cracker chunks amidst the cheesey slightly salty ice cream, I was really just a sucker for this flavour, and writing this now I kinda miss it 🤪 . Milo Dinosaur was basically what was described. Tasted exactly like a Milo Dinosaur but maybe just less thick and more mild! It wasn’t suuuper unique but it did pair well with the cheese! 🤩 . Rum and Raisin: more rum than raisin imo, and this was one of the flavours I didn’t really like! :-( . Tried many other flavours like Salted Kaya (actually really GOOD and tasted like the real thing) and peanut butter etc and I must applaud the many unique flavours done by Tom’s palette instead of your usual earlgrey/ thaimilktea etc ☺️ Ig @goodfomood
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