Loved having fun trying the different flavors of dumplings in the 12 piece combo platter. The dumplings were multi colored too, so it was fun to guess the flavors.

Great service and excellent food. Had the ribeye wagyu steak, and the host was kind enough to recommend a bottle of wine to go with it. Our experience exceeded expectations and we even decided to join their membership. Will definitely visit TWGF again.

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Overall a good experience at the restaurant. Service staff was great, our needs were attended to pretty quickly. Loved the presentation for the kucina antipasto.

Really chill atmosphere and a good place to have a meal and chat with friends. Enjoyed the Mac and cheese and angus ribeye, loved that the ribeye came with additional truffle. Overall a good experience

Great ambience, place was bustling. Throughly enjoyed the Shukuu’s experience platter for 2, especially the charcoal skewers. Would go back there again to try their mini donburi and deep-fried dishes.