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Salmon Grain Bowl Vs Tom Yum Seafood Pasta If you are looking for a place to relax & chill while enjoying some asian fusion dishes, you may want to drop by which is conveniently located along Arab Street, within 10 mins walk from Bugis MRT Station. Between the two dishes, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta & Mirin Salmon Grain Bowl, I had a difficult time deciding which is my favourite main! The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta was tasty & flavourful! Loving the pretty presentation of the dish as well! While the salmon grain bowl has the best option of having a combination of both salad & brown rice, allowing individuals to enjoy a healthy diet.
Unagi, Egg & Toast Rise & Shine! Thinking about where to visit for brunch this weekend? Check out ,located along Arab Street, a cafe which serves a wide variety of asian fusion dishes! One of my favourite dish is the unagi, egg & toast. Although it may sound like a simple dish, but sometimes it is the simplest dish that makes us happy 😊. Apart from the unagi, egg & toast, I will be sharing about the other mains from in my upcoming post! Thank you @ariane.le for extending the invite & for the warm hosting!
Lunch Set Bad service. They did not inform us before ordering which ingredients were not available. They waited until we chose the ingredient before telling us they ran out. What's worse was after the order was sent to the kitchen, a staff came to tell us that another ingredient was not available. After which, yet another staff came ti clarify the order again. Don't recommend their service, the food was ok. Value for money. nice music n gentle staff tho.
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Great Burgers! Burgers here never fail to impress! I would highly recommend the burger with mentaiko sauce! Fries are very crispy and perfectly salted as well :) Very value for money with the burpple beyond deals!
Craft Burgers > Pasta Be spoilt for choice by their extensive burger menu which has over 12 different craft burgers to choose from! 。 The notable ones that we ordered were their Avocado Beef Burger and Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger. Served along with French fries, you may change them to onion rings, sweet potato fries, truffle fries or even salad for an extra charge of $2. Slightly disappointed with their truffles fries, I’d recommend getting their onion rings instead👍. As for their burgers, although they might not be the best I have tasted, these can surely still satisfy your burger cravings. 。 I won’t recommend their pasta, esp their Chilli Crab Spaghetti 😂
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Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger ($24 + $2 for Sweet Potato Fries) (Part 2 of 2) "Wagyu Patty, Melted Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Juicy Bursting Ikura, Mentaiko Sauce, Onions (Optional)" Perhaps the most unique out of the 4, I was incredibly satisfied and pleasantly surprised at the generous serving of ikura served within the burger and strong mentaiko flavour provided with every bite. I may not have tried the centre of it which held the bulk of the ikura but my dining companion was incredibly pleased with it despite not being a huge fan of burgers. I would likely come back here again just to give this another shot. Taste: 9/10 Full review at: More pictures at:
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Chocolate Donut With Tiramisu Ice Cream Dairy free ice cream made with minimal and super healthy ingredients with a vast selection of ice cream flavours and baked goods that rotate every month. If this isn't perfection, i don't know what is. I have been coming here every week on Weeknights ever since i found this place and i am never dissatisfied. Excellent service, friendly staff, delicious healthy baked treats. Some ice cream flavors have an overpowering taste of coconut milk due to the coconut milk. However, majority of the ice creams taste just like normal ice creams. The donut was soft, chocolately and gooey and the ice cream was creamy and delicious.
Sweet Potato Brownie Set ($11.50) One of the few vegan ice cream cafes in Singapore and glad to discover it taste as good as it's dairy counterpart! We ordered the brownie set which came with a sweet potato brownie, any scoop of ice cream (we picked cranberry snickledoodle) and 2 toppings (we chose toastes quinoa and chocolate granola). The brownie was so good. The chocolate glace above it was warm and thick and oh-so-comforting... And the brownie itself is soft yet slightly rich and mushy due to the sweet potatoes. Really love the texture and consistency. The ice cream was okay but I feel the flavors did not really stand out. But nonetheless, very happy that all these were dairy and lactose free! Will definitely come back again and again :)
Charcoal Vanilla With Gluten Free Cone $7.9 The ice cream was $6.90 and $1 for a gluten free cone. Delicious 😋 not a fan of the cone because I just don’t like cones, but I didn’t want to waste a disposable cup so I just went for it. Worth the try!
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Ronin’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast Furthermore, craving for Ronin’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($13) after hearing about their closure at the end of January, I just had to make my way down to PUNCH. Signature creamy folds with crusty bread and upgraded with various add-ons; it was truly a breakfast for champions and as good as I remembered them to be. The zing from the heap of Smashed Avocado ($5), savouriness from the juicy Pork Sausage ($5), the earthiness of the Portobello Mushroom ($4) was just the extra oomph I need. A great tip is to make a reservation through their Facebook page at least a day in advance. Though reservations are taken up to 11am only on Weekends and Public Holidays, strictly walk-in basis after; you save yourself a good deal of time when met with a crazy breakfast crowd. #Burpproved
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Okay, I did feel a little self-conscious seated next to a group of ladies with their workout gear and post-gym glow as I stuffed my face but all was good as I got to comfort myself with PUNCH’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11)! Served with Tomato Soup for dipping, the sweet-savoury combination was foolproof. Think soft-gooey center of melted emmentaler, grated parmesan and brie smacked between beautifully toasted white bread. The ratio of cheese to bread was simply lip-smacking, add a warm tangy dip into the mix and you got yourself a winner. Mopped up with the crispy yet absorbent sandwich, the texture of the soup could pass off as pasta sauce which was strangely a good call as the thick consistency made the meal more hearty and satisfying in my opinion. The slight sharpness from the tomatoes also cutting through some of the richness.
Earl Grey Pancakes Fourth (or fifth) time at Punch but my first time trying their earl grey pancakes I’ve heard so much about! It was pretty impressive, and the serving portion was huge, with a stack of three fluffy, freshly made pancakes. The batter was soft and slightly fluffy, though it bordered on the sticky side. The earl grey taste could be a little stronger as well, but then again I’m a huge earl grey and tea lover so I may be too much of a critic. Overall I really enjoyed this sweet brunch option and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty dose of brunch pancakes.
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