I like the macha crepe and beautiful decors. Hopefully, they will have rainbow cakes like the one in City Square, JB. I would really much like to try one here.

Nice place that span three shops with difference themes. Taste the coffee, drink the atmosphere.

Have coffee and macarons in an antique shop.

Tried their rainbow cake, green tea crepe, tiramisu crepe and chestnut crepe, always with hot cappuccino brewed from Thailand's best arabica coffee beans. Two pieces of arts that I eat and drink.

I tried both Malacca and Kedah coffees and also their specialties like KIM, etc. My favourite hangout when in Melaka.

I tried cappuccino at almost every cafes I been to, but the cappuccino at this cafe is special in taste. The coffee beans are imported from overseas, my guess is Brazil. Will be back again to try their specialty brew.