Can't travel to Taiwan or hongkong and was kind of missing such a delicacy. A very filling and satisfying Tu Dou Bing brings about maximum comfort in the middle of the day. (Also try to go before 12 because it will be real piping hot and crispy!!!)

Absolutely love the shredded chicken hor fun and dumplings from chicken rice stall! I usually add on dumplings and bok Choy for a much more filling meal and it cost $4.50. Definitely reccomend their pork dumplings!!!

Paid the newly opened techno edge a visit. You must be wondering why did I take such a long time...for I could barely find time to eat the past few months. Glad to have mixed rice that suits my palette and budget (also because I'm a science student and frontier's canteen caifan does not suit my palette)

Love how the truffle carbonara pasta was not too creamy and just right!

Very intrigued by the unique concept of this store and my gut's feeling great! Tried their sourdough kimchi burger and topped it up to a set meal to give me kombucha and broccoli and I must say I absolutely love the unique flavours and textures. Will be back for more.

It was really rare to find a Vegetarian Korean shop that sells a wide range of dishes and I am honestly impressed. Tried the kimchi pancake and bibimbap. Really love how the dishes are packed with alternative forms of protein!

Vegetarian bak kut teh hotpot, otah cheese baked rice and vegan orh luak was amazing. Glad to have some really great comfort food for such a cold weather. Also, this is my 3rd time here and their dishes never fail to surprise me especially the orh luak. I had different variations of it - the truffle one (vegetarian) and the vegan one and I must say I'm in awe. Also really happy to have 1-for-1 mains (otah cheese baked rice and hotpot) it was really really satisfying

Extremely wholesome and refreshing Mediterranean vegetarian food! Love how the flavours come together to give such a satisfying taste. Definitely will be back for more!


Love the cold brew. Comes with citrus nodes which is really unique!

A homey vegetarian mediterranean restaurant in holland village. We really enjoyed their meatless dishes, moussaka and pizza, leaving us wanting for more. Highly reccomend the moussaka moussaka due to its rich flavour and creamy texture leaving us with interesting twists leaving us wanting for more. The pizza with Impossible meat has a unique flavour combination and we were certainly not disappointed. It is not part of the main menu so we are lucky to get to have it today.

Tried the Kopi Peng and Oreo Milk & am impressed with the consistency and rich flavours. Will certainly be back for more!