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Seriously Underrated I love Korean food and I've been coming to Manna Story for years now with my family. Their steamed egg and seafood pancake is to die for! This place is never really crowded and I can't understand why - hands down beats all the other chain Korean restaurants in the vicinity.
Precious me time during lunch today admist busy schedule ❤️ #ramyeon Glad that Prof. CF decided to shift the tutorial timing so that we need not spend two hours after lecture waiting for his tutorial. That also means more time for me to catch my breath before my scheduled appts😌 // 感恩教授把輔導課的時間提前,無須直奔家教。而是有好好吃頓午餐,休息一下做一點作業的時間。今天下課後學生奶奶拿了一盒美國買的巧克力送給我,沒想到還有禮物收很意外呢。不料,在驚喜之後聽到她分享到美國散心的原因其實是因為想要應付喪子之痛。她不斷和我分享兒子的點點滴滴,兒子是多麼多才多藝,是個優秀的律師,不過42歲正值大好年華怎麼就英年早逝了呢。我就這樣聽著她說話,原本要趕去開會的。但我覺得此時此刻這位老人家需要人傾聽,於是決定留下來和她懇談,希望盡可能鼓勵到她。我不是專業的輔導官,不完全能體會到她所經歷的喪子之痛,也沒辦法回答她為什麼兒子會這麼早就離她而去。我知道這些問題不是我能夠駕馭的,她也並沒有想要從我這裡得到答案。但若我能給予她一絲絲的陪伴與安慰也就夠了吧。她說她的心很痛,但她知道兒媳也很痛心,孫女也很可憐。所以她在努力著替她兒子照顧他們。我想這或許也是她為什麼會想和一個陌生人分享這般痛徹心扉的心事吧~ 每一次的失去都有其背後的含義,願我們都能且行且珍惜💗🙏🏻 #慧思敏語
Hui Min
Sundubu Jjigae [$10.80++] DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER THIS. Worst Korean food ever 😡 They wrote in the menu that it's a spicy stew made with soft beancurd, minced pork & egg. They should really change it to beancurd and egg only so that they don't mislead people! The number of minced pork I can find in this claypot is less than the number of fingers I have in one hand. Even the banmian at food court give me more minced pork than them... It is quite a PIG deal as I did not intend to pay $10.80++ for tofu stew seriously?? It's really disappointing when I feedback this to the manager and he replied "Oh it's like this, there isn't much minced pork in the stew." I couldn't believe it. It just sounded like you wanna cheat customers with your misleading menu. Not only that, the kimchi sides they served was so bad, it's sour (with a very strong alcohol taste wts). Been here a few times and I don't know why their standard dropped so much sobs.
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👉A5 Ohmi Wagyu Hoba Miso Yaki👈 Served with stellar ingredients from Japan comprising of shiitake & maitake mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, assorted nama fu and negi places on hoba leaf cooked over charcoal with their secret miso recipe 。 Have you chanced upon a viral video from @sethluicious whereby an F&B owner suffered losses of $2.2M on his Japanese restaurant but still refused to compromise on quality? This is it. 。 Nestled in a cluster of restaurants at Gastro+ @thecentrepoint_sg, @misatosingapore is a contemporary and chic restaurant that serves up exquisite Japanese fine dining cuisine at really affordable prices. 。 Priced at $43.80++, the Hoba Miso Wagyu A5 is described to be a non-profit dish as the owner wants more people to know and enjoy this interesting dish. In terms of taste, texture & even aesthetics, I was not disappointed at all. With that intense marbling, each wagyu beef cubes came with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, and went really well with the yellow caramelised miso sauce. You definitely have to get this when you’re here! 。 Special mention goes out to their Sanshoku Warabi Mochi (3rd pic). Comprising of 3 flavours - goma, kinako & matcha, they are freshly handmade everyday, which clearly explains the perfect jelly texture. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Warabi Mochi And Matcha Pudding Really love the food here. Warabi mochi was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and Matcha pudding was really wobbly and creamy. Prices are high and portions are small but it’s so worth it for such high quality desserts...
Sweet & Sour Pork Set ($18.80) They named it sweet and sour pork but this dish didn’t fare v well with our tastebuds. It was more of a meatball coated w teriyaki sauce. Kinda too sweet for me
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Tagliolini Nero ($35) What a sea of flavours. Squid ink tagliolini with uni, scallop and squid served in a seafood reduction. I absolutely enjoyed this umami packed pasta dish and I’ll be back for more! .
Had Another Exceptional Meal Here The Other Night. Visited Bar Cicheti with relatives from overseas recently. And because I have always trusted Chef Jason’s judgement, it was a no-brainer to leave it to him to decide what to feed our group of eight. The four pastas cooked by the team and him were excellent, each a star in the taste department. Two were from the existing menu: the chockfull-of-seafood “Tagliolini Nero” with its blow-your-socks-off “wok hei”, and the “Taglierini” in housemade tomato sauce pimped up with chilli padi and creamy stracciatella. The other two were brand new creations to be launched to the public in the coming weeks. One I’ve named the “Uni Pasta” because its sea urchin sauce commandeered attention from the first slurp. Upping the enjoyment factor were shallot crumbs and savoury bottarga. The fourth, a “Duck Ragout Garganelli” entranced us with very tender duck meat and a sauce bright with orange notes in which the tubular pasta was simmered. Needless to add, our meal was bookended by various delicious appetisers and desserts. Making up the former were a ball of burratina cheese on onion marmalade, fabulous melt-in-the-mouth meatballs in a tangy tomato sauce, that day’s special of batter-and-fried zucchini flowers and Chef Jason’s version of foccacia (it’s paper-thin!) with cheese. For dessert, not only did we plunge headlong into a decadent tiramisu but were also given a sneak preview of Chef Danny’s fig tart. Accompanied by vanilla gelato, it was a hit, lasting all of maybe five seconds after I took photos of it.
Cacio E Pepe (Tasting Portion) Not bad, fragrant. But i think my expectations were too high, I was underwhelmed in the end.
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