Can you already see how that caramelised cinammon is glistening in this photo and calling out to you ‘EAT MEEE’. HAHA this was a super indulgent cinnamon roll with chunks of caramel and cinnamon at the edges and chopped walnuts generously poured over the top, allowing the nutty fragrance to balance out the sweetness. However, it did get a bit dry at the base where the bun was sadly not fluffy as well. Would recommend to share this as the sweetness may be too much for some people!

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Got this as part of the toast with drink set deal on burpple beyond. Mushrooms were fragrant but maybe more cheese or creme fraiche could have made it a little less dry. I enjoyed this a lot nonetheless 👍🏼 thanks to burpple beyond for the good deal

Got this as part of the toast with drink set deal on burpple beyond. The sourdough was chewy with nice crunchy edges and they were really generous with the avocado! I’m not really a fan of hard boiled eggs so I do wish the eggs were perhaps of a jammy consistency instead. But kudos to everything else about this cafe - the nice wooden serving tray, the perfect natural lighting by the window and the chill vibes made this a wonderful late brunch experience ☺️☺️

First time trying a cruffin and wow I’m lovin it! The flaky croissant pastry was addictively crunchy on the outside (yes, crunchy, a weird word choice but try it and you’ll know) and filled with smooth passionfruit curd on the inside. For me, the most impressive part of this pastry was how the sour tang of the curd balanced well with the sugary exterior. Request to heat this up and eat this fresh and warm, you won’t regret it!!


2 slices of ham and rich bechamel sauce between thick and chewy sourdough, then topped with CHEESEEEE. This was very yummy and satisfying!! It reminded me so much of the croque monsieur I had in Paris ☺️ It’s no wonder bakery brera has such long queues even when I visited early at around 7.30am in the morning!

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Thinkkkk it was $25, not absolutely certain but for this price point, I think The Sushi Bar’s fared much better. The sashimi here, while fresh, was just not the best cuts - not fatty enough and some slices were tendinous. But they’ve really got the ambience going here, hidden away on the second floor with interior decor almost resembling a legit Japanese restaurant. Butttt may not revisit haha

Today’s MAJOR craving from before CB times. I dare say this is one of the best chirashi dons you can get in SG at this price point with its fresh cuts of tuna, swordfish, scallops, yellowtail, salmon and aburi salmon belly. My favourites have got to be the aburi salmon belly and yellowtail - super thick and fatty 😍 I know there are other chirashi dons out there cheaper but really, this one’s quality is worth it for $24.90.

The sushi bar does takeaways and deliveries during the CB period so do support them! It’s a pity I stay so far away from their outlets at Orchard/Tampines so... till after the CB then!!

Something about this banana cake just isn’t quite the same... it seems to be made of more bananas than the usual banana cakes you get out there! I might even say I like this more than the famed Hiap Joo banana cakes in JB because of the stronger banana taste and dense yet fluffy texture. It’s so good I’d totally come down to this stall just for this 👍🏼

Super pretty cake sprinkled with crushed pistachios and edible flower petals 🌸 The cake was soft and crumbly, not too dense with a subtle lemony fragrance. It isn’t easy to have the courage to set up a stall selling cafe style bakes in a food centre but the stall has been quite successful as I see middle aged aunties and even older ahmas queuing. Kudos to the lady boss and her dad, do support her!!!

This is THE BOMB. Honestly, it’s a simple dish - truffle mushroom spread and melty oozy cheese sandwiches by 2 layers of crispy thin schiaciatta bread. But no kidding, it still blew my mind away! While the schiaciattas I had in Italy were usually filled with more ingredients like parma ham, sundried tomatoes or rocket leaves, this simple combination just seemed to work perfectly.

I’ll come back JUST for this and their porchetta. But disclaimer la hor, I’m a major bread lover haha.


First came here 3 years ago... and I’m like how did I wait so long to return?? This was still as yummy as I remember it to be with its crispy, crackling pork skin, a thick layer of fatty meat just beneath the skin and finally, tender lean meat. I prefer this over the chinese siobak because of the fennel and mustard combination that helps to cut the porky taste of meat. And for $9 for a small portion, this was really not that small at all!!! 100% recommend, must get 👍🏼

Came here right before the CB started and the manager who spoke to us told us how he’d miss the restaurant being bustling and lively. Am looking forward to return once we fight this covid!!!

These were enjoyed in better times before the circuit breaker :)

Their signature pumpkin pancakes that ran out of pumpkin (no choice la hor with covid times) but still tasted really good!! Pancake (just one giant one) was thick and fragrant with enough smoked salmon, egg and Hollandaise to go along with so it was not too dry. Am not really a coffee person but the almond latte was really smooth with subtle notes of almond.

Enjoyed both! Cafe space was pretty and chill too in a quiet area of cross street exchange. Will be back in better times!

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