Pancake was so-so, not crispy enough and too small (only 6 pcs). The other dishes like bbq and soups are great though, go for those instead.

Looks photogenic but not very good. Not sweet, creamy or rich like a shake should be. Has the texture of ground-up ice. Cup was quite small as well.

The soup is really good - rich, sweet and full of umami. The lard, shallots and chilli powder just melt together to make take the soup to the next level. Also, prawns are large and fresh. A bit pricey ($12 for jumbo) but you get the quality you pay for.

You also should try the prawn crackers from the stall next to it.

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This original creation is simply delicious - the tender duck, creamy yet light sauce, garlic pieces, hazelnuts and homemade tagliatelle is just genius. Will go back for it for sure.

Oldies are goodies - love the rich tonkotsu broth. Not to mention the free hard boiled eggs that go along with these so well. Meal is super filling even without all the add ons. This outlet is MUCH LESS crowded than the ones in town and as good!

Amazing coffee and laid back ambience in this little gem. Had a lovely avocado toast as well, perfectly seasoned and creamy. Note that you need to know someone in the condo to bring you in!

Featuring latte here ($5).

So good that I got another one. The root beer on draft is sweet and refreshing, with a strong vanilla taste. Adding in a huge scoop of super creamy vanilla ice cream is an absolute must.

Go during off peak or else there will be a crazy queue.

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Authentic gyoza, nicely seared and crispy bottom with inside still moist & juicy. Very satisfying.

Matsuri is quite hidden so not much queue, way better to come here instead of queueing for a long time in the central outlets (ahem Tanjong pagar & bugis!).

Full review in bio.

Love their bubble tea! Their salted chicken okay, best eaten warm or else it gets a bit dry. Lu Rou fan is a must try.

Satisfying and authentic bowl of Lu Rou fan. Great when paired with other dishes from 8 degrees like french beans with olive leaf ($7.80), garlic mu'er ($3.80) and salted chicken ($6.80). Makes for a great takeaway option.

A light, clean eating option. Seems a bit pricey for egg whites and avocado though, other options on the menu might be more worth it.

Buttermilk waffle was well done, crisp and fluffy. The candied bacon was way too sweet when paired with the maple syrup and powdered sugar that was on the waffle as well.

Place is is quite bustling so not that chill or quiet. It does have a beautiful interior though. Be prepared to queue (20 mins for 2 people, longer for bigger groups).