Thai, Popular, Vegan Authentic Thai Cuisine Sawadee ka! 🙏🏻 I am sure many of us miss the days where we can just hop on a plane to BKK (mine was budget airline..😛) over the weekend for authentic Thai food and endless massages. The authentic, scrumptious dish offerings @folkscollective defo made me reminisce the good ol’ days. It covers a wide variety of target customer segments for all occasions. Yes, including vegetarians! 🕰 The unique, vintage décor focused around the theme “Where good folks gather”, to enable patrons to enjoy communal dining & reconnect with good friends & family over authentic Thai food. The monthly Chef’s Menu [curated by their 4 Thai Chefs] offers a refreshing option to the main menu that keeps you in anticipation what the next month will bring! 🌿Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten free, no egg or no garlic options available upon request 🐶 Pet friendly for their outdoor dining