Personally really enjoyed the coffee here. Well balanced. The mocha was really chocolaty - my partner declared it was the best Mocha ever. The secret? Specially sourced Peruvian Drinking Chocolate.

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Simple and good: creamy scrambled eggs with buttered sourdough.

Goes well with their yummy coffee


Yes to new coffee place near office @equatecoffee!

Will definitely be back for their coffee, strong and well balanced with milk. White - Tall ($5.50).

They have small pastries available as well. Mount Ondeh ($7) and Canelé ($4).

Though I personally preferred the Croffles over the Signature Waffles. The latter still won over the hearts with their light crispness of it.

The ice cream flavours were strong - black sesame being really “gao” and I loved the hazelnut cookie dough with generous pieces of cookie dough creating dimension of texture within.

I think would definitely be spoiled for ice cream choices here!


The crowd favourite was the “Refreshing Lychee”. Quoting “it really feels like you are eating the fruit itself” from fellow foodies, you definitely know this is one flavours you should order to combat that nasty afternoon sun!


This is like putting 2 of my favourite food together, okay maybe 3 - plus Smitten’s flavourful ice cream. Featured here is there intriguing Nanyang Kaya Toast flavour. Strong notes of pandan in this one.

The texture of the croffles was like those of a croissant, full of layers with that nice crispy bite! I would definitely recommend getting this.


January exclusive @baristartcoffee_sg would be their Coffee Cream Puff (1 for $6, 3 for $16.50).

Lovely choux pastry puff with a nice crisp shell and thick generous luxurious cream. Coffee cream taste was light and milky. It’s a pretty big puff that I recommend for sharing!

  • 1 Like’s Black Pepper Beef Hor Fun ($5.50) laden with lots of zhup 😏

For $5.50, there was generous amount of beef slices, I even wonder were there more beef than hor fun even. Beef was tender with a slight chewiness that went well with a stir of onsen egg ($0.60).

Queue was pretty long during lunch so prepare to queue while hunting for seats at Amoy!


@heyteasg still one of my favourite BBT stores in SG. Recently tried out their Very Grape Cheezo ($9.50!!) for a midweek treat!

Taste honestly was pretty good, and great combination of cheese foam and grapes! But my heart broke abit when I paid $9.50 for this (that’s almost $10 for a cup).

Will you pay for this?

First time trying Vietnamese Egg Coffee ever! Can’t travel so can only experience thru @mrspho’s outlet located @vivocitysingapore!

The top part is torched before you drink so that you can’t better taste the egg flavours!

Veridict: it’s was really GOOD! The foam/egg part tasted only custard and goes well with @mrspho’s coffee blend!

They are having a one-for-one drinks promo TOMORROW (5 Dec) from 2-6pm! This Egg Coffee is also valid for 1-for-1!

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Thinking of going where else for brunch this weekend? Hop to @karacafesg for their new Breakfast Menu (available Friday - Monday) from 8am(!!) to 1130am.

I totally recommend their Avocado Open Face Sandwich ($18.50). @karacafesg has really thought this through. The bottom is made up of grilled cheese toast topped mashed avocado with a nice crunch of corn and it is finished off with kale chips! The portion is big and I feel is good enough for 2 person to share!


Check out my Brown Sugar Mochi ($35) Cheesecake from @feed.your.foodbaby!

With a layer of nice stretchy brown sugar mochi encase (swipe to the last video for that mochi pull!).

I recommend eating it fresh and at room temperature for the gooey melt-in-mouth texture 🤩

Hit @feed.your.foodbaby up for an order to bring for your cosy Christmas gathering with friends! They have new flavours like the Minty Dark Choc ($35), Matcha with mochi (!!) ($35) and Peanut Butter and Jelly ($30).

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