Poor service from the 2 person today.

1)when arrive, asked kindly to the 1 of the staff if I am able to put my stuff down first before I scan the QR code. At first I thought she didn't hear me so repeated twice then she took out her earphone and say "what you want?" with an attitude tone and give me a black face like it was my fault to ask nicely.

2) As I was already ordering my drinks with another staff, half way she just say "we closing in 30mins" in yet another rude tone. Why didn't they inform me when I first come in? And wait till I settle down and order half way then inform me about it?

I really don't understand why must both staff be so rude and give an attitude tone? When I was just asking nicely and also ordering normally.

So far I got no issue with any coffee stall place I went to for my entire life. But only this place seems to have an issue with me.

Coffee is good.
Services really damn bad