Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique is said to create healthy ice cream with natural botanical flavours. Located @ Katong in the stretch of cafes and bars, opposite Katong I12 which is very accessible. Order Pistachio and Lemongrass Ginger. I personally preferred Pistachio as the Lemongrass is a tad too weird for my tastebud, but it is not awful. Will visit again to try other flavours.


Unfortunately this was closed but I would still like to document this down because the food is really nice. I hope they will reopen someday. Ordered a toast with baked egg, a breakfast set & cheese toast with tomato soup. The tomato soup is by far my favourite. It is thick, rich and flavourful. Nice interior but too bad it is not quite accessible unless you have a car.

Spicy pulled pork linguine with cherry tomatoes, bacon and sunny egg. Dined here for Christmas in advance with my poly friends. Nice ambience & customer service, good place for groups, they have large tables! (So we don’t have to split tables). Spiciness if pulled pork is reasonable & overall a good dish. Will come back for this.

Tried NY Night Market using Burpple Beyond. Taste wise is not bad, order seafood jjamppong & waterfall cheese shrimp. Personally, I feel that jjamppong is not very spicy, seafood are relatively fresh and the cheese shrimp is all good! Very flavourful and the melted cheese is da bombz. However, they might not be that flexible to change from beef to chicken.

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Located at Everton Park under a HDB block, very accessible. Tried their waffle with ice cream instead of the classic Cake in a Jar. We opted for dark chocolate & salted caramel ice cream & both were very smooth & flavourful. The waffles were very fluffy & I like it a lot!

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Quiet cafe located at Jalan Kuras, perfect ambience for a date night. Tried the Berry Matcha Lava Cake served warm with fresh berries & almond flakes.

Not too bad, probably a tad too sweet for my liking but overall still an enjoyable experience there.