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Niang Dou Fu Stuffed beancurd & variation combination of minced meat, seafood mixture, fish paste with rice vermicelli. A signature bowl to enjoy.
Yong Tau Foo ($4.90) Hidden in Viva Business Park at Chai Chee, Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu serves really yummy and homely yong tau foo! 😋 Unlike other yong tau foo stalls, you don’t get a choice of items as each bowl comes with 7 different items (prawn ball, pork ball, bittergourd, white, black and gold rolls and beancurd). And all these are handmade! Each bowl comes with beehoon (and you can ask for more beehoon at no extra cost!) The chilli sauce is also really yummy and spicy 👍🏼 I preferred the soup version, but I think it’s really up to your personal preference. Really glad to have found this hidden gem and I will definitely be coming back for more 😊
Wei Ting
A Bit Different From The Original Stall’s But No Less Satisfying. Thanks to my parents, I just learned that the popular “百年 Yong Tau Fu” has an outlet in Viva Business Park in Chai Chee. If I am to split hairs, I think their version is a little different from the original stall in Albert Centre Market & Food Centre. The pieces of “yong tau foo” here seem a tad smaller, are cooked a little softer and are available in a wider variety. Not that I mind any of that because ultimately, it‘s still really tasty. They offer a bowl of beehoon soup with a fixed assorted mix of handmade “yong tau fu” pieces at either $4.90 or $5.90. I liked how fresh and flavourful every item tasted. Even the clear soup had a good depth. The chilli sauce is quite the killer despite its cheery bright orange colour. So if you are the kind who can’t handle spicy food, I suggest you approach it with caution.
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$32++ Burpple Set What’s on the table: Original Mazesoba with Char Siew (above) and Taiwan Mazesoba with Char Siew (below). Both U.P. $16.80++ w/o sides Burpple set includes a small side dish and free-flow hot/iced roasted green tea! Not in photo we have potato salad and chicken karaage as our selected sides. (Note that chicken karaage is only 1 pc) Mazesoba comes with a small bowl of miso soup, which is sufficient given the main highlight being the mazesoba itself! Mixing the soft-boiled egg together with the thick ramen noodles creates a flavourful sauce which is enjoyable even by itself (you may add chilli oil and vinegar to your preference). Do note that the Taiwan Mazesoba is a little spicy due to the minced pork sauce! Char siew slices are very tender although they were served lukewarm. You may request for a small portion of rice from restaurant staff to mix with the remaining sauce from the mazesoba – would recommend to do this since there’s definitely going to be sauce and ingredients left over! It’s bound to leave your bowl clean after finishing every grain of rice with the yummy sauce. 😉
For 1-for-1 Vegetable Mazesoba (save ~$13.80) Tucked in a corner of Square 2, find this cozy eatery serving up mazesoba, a dry ramen dish hailing from Japan's Nagoya Prefecture. The Vegetable Mazesoba ($13.80) includes chewy ramen noodles topped with sliced vegetables and sauteed mushrooms. Don't miss the best-selling Taiwan Mazesoba "Nagoya Style" ($15.30) and Original Mazesoba All Toppings ($19.60). Pro tip: mix your noodles for a minimum of 20 seconds for optimal flavour! Photo by Burppler TW Teo *Eligible for 1-for-1 Takeaways till 30th June
nagoya style + mazesoba w soft boiled egg don't think this is anything special - nagoya style tastes like japanese ba chor mee (i prefer the actual bcm to this haha) i think the mazesoba is nicer than the nagoya style but both were too jelat for me (only finished half the bowl!) it may just not be my cup of tea
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