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It was intriguing how this place has always been packed and seen with a queue outside, with pretty much just Hamburg and a limited few other items on their menu. We checked it out when we saw the moment without a queue outside the entrance. Besides its popular cheese Hamburg steak, we also had its A4 Wagyu steak. Frankly, neither impressed us in ways we expected them to be. The cheese Hamburg didn’t stand out in flavour even though it was filled with a cheese center. The thin slices of Wagyu were fatty but lacked the grill finishing which was a real pity. Ironically, we enjoyed their salad bar and egg station more than the mains. The former offered quite a substantial range for salad mix. Their free-flow tamago was the best thing for the meal; but it wouldn’t make sense to come and pay to mainly enjoy that. Unfortunately, the tamago was the only thing we remembered after the meal.
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Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set $21.80 The patty was great! Love the salad bar too!
Teriyaki Chicken Set ($19.80) One thing I love most about this place is their salad bar which boast an extensive range of food ranging from salads to fried tofu to cold noodles and my ultimate favorite which is their scrambled eggs. Their coffee jelly for dessert is highly recommended !! Bitter but goes super well with the cream. I was basically half full even before starting on my main item. As part of the set, I had 1 fried prawn, 2 tofu puffs, 1 tofu and 5 huge chunks of teriyaki chicken. Very filling and very affordable.
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Seletar sheng mian ($3) - An addictive, homely and wallet-friendly bowl of noodles which I grew up eating, and love 😍 Touted as being one of Singapore's best ban mian, I can safely proclaim that it does truly live up to its name. Their broth is concentrated with so much goodness from the ingredients which they used in the boiling process - ikan billis, pork bones, and prawns! I have to admit that sheng mian (or any other forms of yellow noodle) is not exactly my top choice of noodles, and I would usually go for you mian. But, I would gladly make an exception for this store. Being freshly handmade, their sheng mian is al dante and springy. Encompassed in their rich broth, every single bite bursts with umami without it being overly salty. Each bowl also comes with a large fresh prawn, lean pork slices, vegetables, and the two most important toppings - the egg and crispy anchovies which help to bring the whole dish together and add an extra oomph to it. Located in Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, their snaking long queue makes this stall hard to miss. I would usually go for the soup version as it feels more satisfying to me. Even on a hot day, this bowl of noodles still feels extremely shiok🔥That's how amazing it is - definitely worth every drop of sweat and penny! The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 9 ants 💰Value: 8 ants 📍Convenience: 6.5 ants
Sheng Mian $4 Cos I still have some hawker-loving auntiness in me, had to queue when I saw the snaking queue at this stall. Verdict? A hearty dish. Pick the soup version though as the combination of thick chewy noodles in a thick flavourful broth was very comforting. And wow I had no idea hawkers did noodle art like baristas #dinosaurart
Sometimes simple is more 😊 Seletar Sheng Mian for late breakfast! My first time having sheng mian and it was so good! The egg really brought the soup to another level and the 🦐 was flavourful! Comforting and filling on a cool morning 😌
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Revisited @ChefsTable_61Tras since four years ago! Had a great wine pairing dinner with their 4-course Omakase Dinner with Marques de Casa Concha wines as part of the Marques Perfect Match which runs till the end of October! The fun part of the dinner is that we don’t know what dishes to expect, except that it will be from a set of ingredients available. This dish is one of our favourite, the Halibut fish with Lobster bisque sauce and bits of cauliflower, paired with the Marques de Casa Concha Merlot. It’s quite interesting as we didn’t expect a red to be paired with this fish! We also tried other types of the Marques de Casa Concha like its Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.
For A Modern European Degustation Menu (4-course: $98++ / 6-course: $128++ / 8-course: $150++) My friend and I had a very enjoyable dinner here two nights ago. We had walked in not knowing what we‘d be eating but had walked out completely satisfied. The concept by Austrian Chef and Owner Stephan Zoisl is essentially degustation or as the Japanese call it: omakase, but with a bit of a tease because we got to see the list of 28 ingredients (a curation of the best of the season for that day) he, Chef Lorenz Raich and team would draw from to create our meal. We picked the 6-course option and every time a dish was served by one of the chefs, that beautifully-plated item was carefully explained to us in great detail. I was too busy chatting with my friend so I didn’t take notes, but one thing’s for sure - all the food was executed impeccably in the restaurant’s distinctive modern European style. Our first three courses featured seafood starting with a cured mackerel accessorised by tiny chanterelle mushrooms and burrata, followed by a sweet prawn with butternut pumpkin and crispy rice crackers, then finally, the last Alaskan halibut of the season appeared in a milky foamy sauce. This third course triggered instant exclamations of delight as we both found its flavours sumptuous yet superbly comforting. The next dish to arrive was another winner - Duroc pork done in three ways. We were impressed by the amazingly delicious results from the different preparation styles. Wagyu beef starred in our fifth course, and again, the richness of the flavour knew no bounds thanks to the skillful cooking of the chefs. The sauces in all of these were also perfect complements. For pre-dessert, we were given a refreshing popsicle of mango sorbet coated in white chocolate and dehydrated raspberries to nibble on. The sixth and last course was a rum and raisin ice-cream coated in sabayon (if I recall correctly) accompanied by cubes of almond cake and crisp tuille - a lovely and not-too-heavy finale.
Lunch At Chef’s Table My 3rd visit and each time with different surprises. Chef never fails to bring different taste and visual delights to the table. This is definitely a highly recommended place to return.
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