SG: Date Night ❤️ my panda and i ❤️
Date Night, Fine Dining SG: Tapas & Tipples my fave food genre really. small, inventive portions with lots of variation.
Japanese SG: omakase madness
SG: Edible Orchard severe shortage of edible food in orchard road. everything is pricey yet unimpressive. here are the few that I endorse.
SG: Wild West I find the eateries in the West much more spread out than the East, but then again I'm not that familiar with the area. here are a couple of my favorites.
SG: In search of the perfect cafe still searching for that perfect cafe- w jazzy music, mismatched furniture, lots of sunlight, comfort food done well, and a killer espresso macchiato
SG: looks good, tastes bad we only have a finite number of meals in our lives, why waste it on mediocrity ? As you can see, most eateries on this list tend to close down..
SG: Eastie eats What a real Eastie eats, unlike you noobs who travel all the way to eat diluted Katong laksa or the nonsense CMC 🙄