Can customise your ramen such as thickness of noodles and taste of soup etc. Meat is not bad, quite tender. In general, not bad but not my fave/best.

Not bad but not the best imo. Mango was really sweet and nice though

Ordered this platter and it’s yummy! Sashimi is fresh and nice. Not too pricey too

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Waffles was not bad . Chose blue cheese chocolate and snowflakes jasmine for the ice cream flavours. Love the latter one a lot! The former one was quite unique too

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Desserts were quite nice and price was reasonable. Not too sweet for my liking too

Yummy and affordable!! Egg was also cooked perfectly

Really good! Spaghetti was al dente and chicken was very fresh, tender and well seasoned.

Ordered Nasi lemak with har cheong gai wings and lu rou fan. Food was affordable and really good!!

Love shake shack burgers!! Fries were good too. Drink was some Fanta grape float which was quite nice too

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Filling inside was quite nice but not really a fan of the crust as It’s quite flaky

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Ordered this udon dish and it’s not bad! Portion is not a lot but just nice for a me (small eater).