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I ordered this with enthusiasm and was surprised it looked so...dull.

However, the meal turned out pretty alright. Serving of rice is huge. The salted egg yolk gravy was plentiful and tasty. Soup was also tastier than I expected. Hungry boys should go for this.

$6 and 3.3/5



Bought this at Ion Orchard Food Opera at basement 4.

For $6, I was really disappointed at the pathetic serving. It might look like a lot but it actually wasn't. On top of that, it was a 22-minute wait and there was NO queue to justify that. To add insult to injury, there were two other available cooks hovering around not doing anything!

Okay, the taste now. The black carrot cake was delicious, though a tad overdone with the dark sauce. The exterior of the white carrot cake was good, but the insides seemed a bit undercooked. I was still not full after finishing the dish.

So. $6 for this entirely meh experience (only for the half-half, the other stuff look good)? Only if you have loads of patience and also craving for it. Go for the Hokkien Mee instead.2.5/5

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(Apologies for the photo that doesn't show much)

Went to have this as I received an enthusiastic recommendation of it. It costs $7.90 and comes in the big bowl. Portion is great! I was starving and this filled me up real good.

MIx everything up with the noodles at the bottom. Noodles are springy and smooth; I was slurping it up like there was no tomorrow. Ingredients are plentiful and you get this feeling that you're eating healthily.

The noodles come with a bowl of soup and an appetizer. Very value-for-money and satisfying. 4/5

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This is the BEST DUCK I've ever eaten! It's even more fantastic than Fong Kee which I love.

The place is Restoran Ya Wang in JB, 28 Jalan Segget, close to City Square Mall.

The duck meat is smooth and tender, with a relatively thin layer of fat beneath the skin. There is more meat than bones, and the meat slides of the bones easily. The herbal taste is light and (surprisingly) complements the duck.

I'm not a fan of duck but I will definitely go back to JB soon to have it again!

Can't recall the price but it's less than SGD15. 4.5/5 *****

#duck #Jb

Singapore's ramly burgers has nothing on those in Malaysia, for obvious reasons.

Had this in JB at one of those roadside stalls along a stretch of eateries. It took us A LOT of searching, and eventually found it by accident. That was after a full dinner.

The special burger was soaking wet with the hot sauces. Be prepared to get messy. Meat was soft and tasty. Utterly delicious and only RM 5.50.

4.1/5 would go JB again just for the ramly.

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This, oh this.

Thin straight noodles in a tonkotsu broth with miso paste and garlic oil. Negi, cabbage, slices of pork and flavoured egg. Everything comes together in a harmonious blend. What can I say? Once I was doubtful over the hype of Ippudo, then I tried this and I stood corrected.

This ranks in the top 3 ramen in Singapore for me. Slurps!

$19 for this. 4.5/5

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For $6.50, you get Japanese (short grain) rice, pickles, one stick of chicken balls, two sticks of chicken and one stick of pork, all drizzled with their awesome secret sauce.

I had this in town, which means it is one of the cheaper meals around. It fills me up nicely. The chicken balls were melt-in-the-mouth. Other sticks were alright.

The sauce just made everything good. So 3.6/5.

#toriq #japanese

Crunchy picked gherkins and grilled buttered sourdough from Do.Main.

I didn't know what to expect, actually. 😂 It was my first time having this and the duck rillette was very flavourful and tasty. Sourdough was hard and crunchy, complemented the duck.

$18 and 3.7/5


They slice the steak for you, for easy dining. Once you're done with the first round, they will serve the rest of the steak.

You can ask them to set the gravy aside in a bowl. Personally I prefer my steak to not be drenched in gravy, but this is not too bad, though at times overpowering. Still, it's steak and they did it just right (I asked for medium rare), so, yum.

The fries are refillable and addictive. Didn't touch much of the salad as I'd wanted to focus on the steak.

$32.90 and 3.8/5

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This red velvet slice was baked the English carrot cake style and very light. I had this after a full meal and it didn't weigh on the stomach. Rather expensive though. 3.8/5 and $7.

#redvelvet #cake #desserts

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This is DA BOMB, I tell you. I was having a bad stomach flu and I *had* to take dinner that day. The Kaisendon don was so good I finished everything even though I didn't have appetite. Anyone who loves Japanese MUST EAT THIS. Fantastic!

$16 and 4.8/5


I went for the non-chili option and no regrets there. Fills me up good, but just a tad too salty for my taste. Still good though!

$5 and 3.6/5