Was served an 11 course meal, accompanied by a fruity organic white wine - Domaine du Nozay, Sancerre, Loire, France (2019). Our server (Avin) was extremely lovely and attentive to us and accommodated to all our needs, making the experience a whole lot pleasant. We were served 4 appetiser - roasted bone marrow, grilled ox tongue, grilled octopus and Uni, lardo & Caviar. Out of all 4, I enjoyed the grilled octopus that was served with chorizo stew, and grilled ox tongue the most as the meat was extremely tender and umami. The uni, lardo & caviar was served with sourdough bread and was rather pleasing as well. What I found most interesting though, was the roasted bone marrow. It was served with pickled shimeji, hazelnut and a side of sourdough. I found the roasted bone marrow to be extremely salty to my liking, so I wasn’t as keen. However, the texture was splendid and melt right away in your mouth.

For the main, we were served wagyu beef, crusted Mac & cheese, grilled seasonal mushroom, beef heart tomato and truffle fries. The main highlight was definitely the wagyu beef - it was done rare to medium rare, just as how I like it. You can ask the chef to cook it to your preference. The meat was tender, chewy, and yet not difficult to chew or swallow. I enjoyed it best when coupled with the scampi butter or even ate alone, and for those who enjoy eating it with sauce, they also do provide Bordelaise sauce on the side. My friends and I enjoyed the rest of the dishes as well. The Mac and cheese was creamy, but perfect to share with 4 as eating too much might make you feel ‘jelak’. Something that caught our tastebud too was the beef heart tomato. Not only was it sweet, tangy and juicy, it was also very umami.

For dessert, we were served Eton Mess and burnt blue cheese cake. The Eton Mess was basically vanilla ice cream topped with cream, meringue, and dried flowers. It was very interesting to see and taste the combination of those few ingredients together. The use of meringue especially caught the attention of all our taste buds as not only was it smooth, there were some ‘crispy’ sensation too, thanks to the meringue in the ice cream. As for the burnt blue cheese cake, the smell of the blue cheese was apparent, though not too distinct. For those who enjoy blue cheese and cake, this is the perfect combination for both. The side of berry sorbet that accompanied the blue cheese cake was too strong for my liking though. It reminded me a lot of the cough syrup I used to drink when I was younger.

In conclusion, I will give the ambience and service an 8/10, the food a 7/10 (too salty for my liking, but the combination was a fresh experience), and the plating a solid 10/10.

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Came at around 6.15pm with my boyfriend, not as crowded. Dinner crowd only came in at about 6.30pm. Place was located along a string of other food places as well, not difficult to find. They also have indoor and outdoor seatings!

I ordered their pork jowl & beef with ponzu with green tea. Their food are tasty but extremely seasoned, so for those who prefer more bland food they might find it too salty/sweet. However it was just right for me as I enjoyed the food thoroughly.

The beef with ponzu was a little salty to my liking as it didn't came with any rice (you have to order separately) but it would've honestly been a perfect pair with the onigiri or any rice/soba. What a shame I should have ordered some :(

The pork jowl was just the right texture - chewy but soft; it was easy to chew and swallow & the egg that came with it, when paired together tasted heavenly. It was the best combo - a match made in heaven.

The green tea was so-so, nothing too special about it but definitely a good thirst quencher. Plus, it was refillable which is a plus point!!

All in all, I would definitely go back there!

Ordered the Exotic (Journey to the Yeast) ribs that came with 2 sides - I chose coleslaw & buttered corn. There were more to choose from such as rice, fries, mashed potatoes, garden salad etc. In my honest opinion, I think that the buttered corn tasted pretty good, not too buttery or salty but still sweet, whereas the coleslaw came with dried raisins which I absolutely love. The highlight of it all has got to be the soft ribs that could easily fall off from the bones itself. The ribs would melt in my mouth - it was honestly the best ribs I’ve easily tasted. They also gave a generous portion of it (5-6) ribs which was a pretty good deal!