Not your usual pasta, it’s very chewy and absorbs the sauce well. Sauce is sweet and savory, very flavorful, my favorite dish among the rest.

Even with the burpple 1 for 1, the entire experience wasn’t that amazing. Out of the 7 course, only the foie gras truffle brulee and dessert stood out for me. The mini sliders, charsiew and mains are just average, nothing special. But maybe the other items on the ala carte menu are good, just not the ones in the 7 course.

Generous portion and mentaiko sauce, not gelat at all and you get to customize them with the chilli oil and vinegar provided!!! I love it and would definitely return!!! +point is one of the senior staff - she’s so sweet and kind towards us!!!!

Seafood and meat buffet, topped up for tomyum soup. ambience was good and there are many bars around to chill afterwards. By far my favourite go to place for mookata!!!! 👍🏻 only downside are the mosquitoes

Switched out alcoholic drinks for grapefruit drink. Don was good - beef is soft and tender!!!