Breakfast Burrito ($18)
Burrito filled with scrambled eggs, hash brown, chorizo and mayonnaise salsa. It filled the stomach and tasted nice but no ‘wow’ factor. Felt that it was a bit pricey for this!

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Smoked Salmon Toast with Sautéed Mushrooms ($16+$3)
Very filling portion of smoked salmon! It also came with grilled asparagus which provided a nice charred taste to the dish. The extra side of buttered mushrooms ($3) was a generous portion but it felt a tad too greasy. Overall would still recommend tho!

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ICED WHITE ($5.50)
There was quite an extensive coffee menu, but I went for the classic iced white, which was refreshing and had sour notes.

The sourness of the coffee was masked by the bitter dark chocolate. A good choice if you like deep chocolatey taste without the sweetness!

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Have always tried the coffee powder, this is the first time at the actual store. Coffee was strong and hit the spot! Would like to come back to try the coffee hot and it was slightly diluted with the ice. The 1-for-1 coffee deal is for the hot espresso coffees, would have to top up $1 per drink for the ice.

This was their first outlet opened by an ex-Michelin starred chef! The mapo tofu is very authentic and they have vegetarian options as well. Other than mapo tofu with rice (pearl rice), they also have noodles and other mains as well. A tad on the salty side but definitely worth a try!

What a lovely and rustic cafe which prizes itself on the quality of coffee!

We tried two types of beans - one which was their original blend (more sour notes) and a fruity blend (you could taste the strawberry!)

Foodwise, they had just revamped their menu with an Asian fusion. We had the chicken dish as well as the egg frittata (made vegetarian by adding more vegetables and mushrooms).

The chicken was a huge piece and came with pappadam, sambal, baked potato and shredded cucumber. Overall a very filling and satisfying dish!

The frittata was not your regular frittata, with tastes of sesame oil and a hit of umami, paired with a spicy mayo(?) which added a nice kick. It was a very filling dish so don’t be fooled by the seemingly small size.

Cost: Paid about $55 for two mains and two iced coffees.

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Overall a nice quaint cafe but the menu was alright and on the pricey side, although the portions were large and will make you full the whole day! Coffee was really good too.

French toast ($22) was quite nice and fluffy and quite sweet overall, would’ve preferred for the ice cream to be served in a separate bowl so that it didn’t melt all over the plate. The flavours were good but couldn’t taste much guava, it seemed more like stewed fruits with cinnamon.

My friend tried the salmon with Rosti ($24) and it was a large portion!

2nd visit to hopscotch - it’s no longer on Burpple Beyond, but we went when the set lunch meal was available ($24 for appetiser, main and drink from a limited menu). The food took very long to arrive and we were served at the same time as others who arrived much later than us. The portions were small and not consistent with other tables as well. Would probably come back more to try out the interesting cocktails.

Drinks: added extra $3 for coffee which turned out to be an nespresso shot, but the iced lemon tea was 👌🏽 and highly recommended! The cocktail menu had so many local flavours which was very appealing!

Appetisers: we tried the mushroom salad and soup which were good

Mains: we ordered the chilli crab pasta, mushroom risotto ($22 on ala carte) and cereal prawn burger. Overall the food was not too bad, but between them the cereal prawn burger would be the most worth option.

Tried the 1-for-1 4-course meal ($79.90) on Valentine’s Day which seemed like such a good deal. The service was a bit strange because we got served all courses almost at once (the dessert was served with the appetisers at the start)

Appetisers: this was the best of the whole meal. We had both options of leek soup and bread with dip. Highly recommended!

Sides: calamari and truffled tater tots which were not too bad as well

Mains: tried the famous pork jowl and truffle mushroom pasta. As someone who likes fatty pork, this was a disappointment as it was 90% fat with barely any meat. With the fried sides, this left us with a greasy meal. The standard of pasta is what you would get at any regular pasta place, but overall very salty.

Desserts: we had both options of matcha churros and tiramisu. The churros added to the greasiness of the meal and was very sweet, so was the tiramisu.

Overall we had higher expectations especially with the good reviews on food king. As one of the reviewers also mentioned, it was probably more worth to get the $29.90 per pax 3-course set meal instead.

A humble shop with 1-for-1 coffee which has a standard like your popular cafes (and not to mention the super cute hand drawings). Try out the food as well which is super worth it, filling and satisfying. They only do takeaways but the staff were super friendly and informed us of suitable places to dine in at the mall. Would definitely come back again if in the area!

Gave this a try after hearing many good reviews about this place. A really popular stall that left me queueing 30 mins for this! However, thought that the meatballs were pretty standard and would give that a pass next time. Their chili also left me tearing while I ate this so I’d recommend to request for less Chili if your spice tolerant isn’t great!

A healthy meal with really generous servings! Ordered a mix of original soyu salmon and spicy garlic tuna. The only downside was that the spicy garlic tuna didn’t have much garlic flavour because the mayo was quite overpowering.

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