Thanks to beyond 1-1 deal!
Loving the generous amount of lobster in the butter toasted buns😍

Super love the Picotta Pancakes, it was topped with Espresso Butter with fresh maple syrup (hand-made) & tried their Jawa Ice Coffee. Wouldn’t recommend the Eggs Benedits but would come back for the pancakes!

10/10 would recommend anyone to go to this store for Oyster Omelette, it serves with a mouth of powerful ocean punches!

Super bland curry but I got to say, the chicken taste really good but diluted curry I would say. It isn’t what I expect.

I’ve been hearing so much about Rakki Bowl that I decided to give it a shot, since there’s also Candour Coffee (which I really wish I had extra 2 other pax to redeem their coffee deal)

On top of a juicy yet tender Wagyu Beef, there’s a soft boil egg which 10/10 would recommend you to break the soft boil eggs into it. 🍚

The only downside I have with this dish would be that I wish it had a cleanser palate for me to lighten the meat taste as the beef portion is larger than the rice. Would be nice with light salad.

Head over to Serangoon for a treat of fluffy and light swiss rolls at this quaint shophouse – great for intimate catchups or chill reading teatimes. Popular flavours include the earthy Earl Grey ($5.90) and delightful Blueberry Yogurt ($6.90). Pair that with a cuppa Iced Latte ($6.50), and your afternoon is made.
Photo by Burppler Sarah Lim

Known for their healthy smoothies and shakes, this hole-in-a-wall along Telok Ayer Street also serves up delicious mains perfect for clean-eating days. Burppler Kel Song recommends the Banging Own Bowl ($12.90) – an innovative carb-free bowl comprising an assortment of roasted vegetables and hummus on a warm cauliflower rice base.
Photo by Burppler Kel Song

Went for one of their Singapore Exclusives, the Little Souq ($13), consisting of thai milk tea ice cream, cheese cream and garnished with a variety of toppings such as dried figs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and pretzels

Wasn't impressed by the egglet..couldn't really taste the chocolate and they lacked the crisp exterior that i like, being rather soft and fluffy. Honestly, the egglets at Hong Kong Egglet at the nearby bugis junction sits better with me (and is cheaper too😅)

Overall, it was still an enjoyable (and instagrammable) dessert, with a nice sweet-savoury balance (i don't usually fancy cream cheese that much but it was awesome)
but I'd probably not be returning anytime soon with the prices being so exorbitant 😅😶

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This more than just Blackmore striploin crowned with creamy bafun uni. Hidden within is shiso leaf, which in my opinion is the most clever ingredient in this dish that gave a herbaceous dimension to this indulgent dish of beef fats and rich uni cream.
And @hotarulily cracked the code - she paired this with the cocktail "The Fringe". I'll have to do this again, thanks to @jillyeats for arranging this meal and @l_e_o_n_a__ for the treat 😋
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The significantly expanded menu includes new chirashi bowls galore - think Mentai Chirashi Don, Cheesy Spicy Salmon Chirashi Don as well as Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi Don.

The Wasabi Power Chirashi Don is topped with ikura and ground wasabi root, which plays it all dominatrix-kinky crunchy Chinese pickled vegetables-esque in how it will keep firing explosive, tear-inducing wasabi fumes up your nostrils even though your airways may ostensibly be in sweet wasabi pain. Comparatively, in terms of power, the mentaiko-creamy wasabi mayonnaise plays it more Lee Kum Kee than Lee Hsien Loong (@leehsienloong).

Since I was in Kuala Lumpur for just one night, it was imperative that I squeeze in supper, despite the worryingly distended state of my belly after a most spectacular meal at Nadodi KL (a proper post about this hosted dinner will come soon). And whom better to test my limits with than my KL-based foodies-in-crime - Gail (IG: @borntobegreedy) and Anita (@anitaeats).
Thanks to Anita, we ended up at this no-name “zi char” stall on Jalan Sarawak, Pudu (but I am guessing that is the correct geotag) where she ordered two kinds of stirfried noodles and a soup called “Bak Khee Thng” from the elderly gentleman who obviously knows his way around a wok.
Shown above are the KL style of “Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee” and the raw egg-topped “Moonlight Hor Fun” that arrived after a few minutes of waiting time. Both blackish, glossy beauties came covered in crispy pieces of pork lard. To be expected, they boasted a good amount of “wok hei” and were really tasty albeit being oily.
I would return just to have these again and with an empty stomach the next time, in order to do them proper justice 😆

Not only will they have 40-seater each, both of them will be having the same kaisen by Teppei with their respective Kohaku Tendon and Man Man Ricebowl (Hitsumabushi). Exclusive only at the respective Clarke Quay outlet from 31 July.
Kaisen X Hitsumabushi ($32.50)
Kaisen Tendon ($26.50)
Jumbo Unagi Tendon ($29)
Crispy Unagi Dragonroll ($9)
Premium Chawanmushi with Unagi ($6.50)
All prices are subjected to gst and service charge. Pls note that Kaisen X Hitsumabushi is available at Man Man Unagi whereas the rest are available at Tendon Kohaku.
Located at B1 of Clarke Quay Central (right in front of the escalator).