New found favourite cake!!
You don’t usually get atap chee as an ingredient apart from in your traditional icy desserts so this was a great treat. Love the accompanying hints of rose in the cheese cake.

Saw the reviews on this and just had to try them out for myself and yes I finally knew what the hype was about.

The flakey texture was perfect with the rich creamy interior that flows out so well when you cut through it. Can have any cruffin for tea break - anytime.

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If you’re a fan of truffle, call in and check with them if this is available. For real.

Off menu order:
Truffle Mash - made with Truffle Butter (which you can buy from their home brand - The Unusual Butter) and fresh truffles. 🤤✨

Photo: @vijourcollectives

What stood out to me more was the lavender coffee. I personally love the smell so when I saw this on the menu I just had to. The initial only had really mild hints of the lavender but I would say leave it to sit for awhile before drinking to really enjoy it.

Char Siew was thick and nicely done. Would say it’s a little on the fattier side but I think that’s perfectly fine. Although overall as a rice bowl, it might be a little dry.

Overall would say that it’s a nice place to get a drink, chill or get stuff done (off peak hours).

We may have just over ordered..

I’ve always preferred the herbal bkt but this peppery one was a pleasant surprise and one that I still really enjoyed. My biggest surprise have to say was really how generous their portions were!

My personal fav out of all these - the pig trotters. It was really tender with good proportion of lean meat and fats, very flavourful in every bite. Please do yourself a favour and add that into your order.

Plates by base piece

Linguine with really plump and fresh tiger prawns and Japanese scallop in prawn bisque sauce.

Was initially afraid that the taste would be too overwhelming but that concern was unfounded. The bisque sauce wasn’t too thick so you can comfortably finish the entire main dish by yourself which was 👌🏼

I get the hype over this.
The chocolate is super rich, dense enough and the taste just fills your entire mouth even with that small bite (we split ours into 8 small pieces btw).
Personally prefer this over the dark chocolate one because of the mix of texture and the occasional hint of pink salt so it doesn’t feel like it’s too much.

Dark chocolate, rich hazelnut, creamy which is right up my alley (I’m the kind that usually goes for mocha and I loved this).

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I might not be the best gauge cause I’m not a huge fan of udon but somehow there’s a soft spot for the dried ones.
For $13++, portion and taste was considerably reasonable in my opinion. Wouldn’t mind going for this or something similar again.

Taste and consistency of the laksa sauce was not bad though I hoped that the soft shell crab could be slightly less oily and meatier.

Double scoop in a waffle bowl - $9.50

FINALLY! I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate and I finally tried this for my own after hearing all about it. The chocolate was intense (which was good) and the waffle bowl was a good accompaniment to the ice cream.

For what’s supposedly 80%, it’s a little on the sweet side in my opinion. Wouldn’t say it’s the best dark chocolate ice cream I’ve had but would be open to trying their other desserts available. (I had really high expectations due to the heaps of hype and good reviews heard)


This simple dish took me by surprise with a slight char, slight crisp and yet tender and juicy on the inside.

This was served with some salad and potato cubes topped with bacon bits on the side. But how this differs from the rest that I’ve had is the sauce that it’s served with - curry (and it wasn’t those thick and gelat kind). Interesting take and taste but wouldn’t mind having this again only if I’m in the area.

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