Featured broth above:
Collagen, Mushroom, Chong qing beef ma la and Tomato. Personal fav has definitely got to be the collagen and mala base soups - nice to go along with specific dishes.

As for the dishes, I would specially recommend the spicy pork chuan chuan, meatball platter (these are even better when cooked in the mala broth trust me on this). Others worth ordering are the meat platter and seafood platter.

I think it’s really cute how it was served with a good play of dry ice smoke and also the dish names 😂 would say portion is of quite a good size and the 5 of us were stuffed at the end of the meal.



Featuring that day’s special and mine included some salmon, tuna, ikura, uni, ebi, tamago and salad on the side.

Personally love the variety provided and for $16.50 and in town, would say it’s a good option. Ingredients are fresh and this comes with miso soup as well.

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We opted for the Chili Crab and Salted Egg ($13.90) just because we were greedy and wanted two to choose from instead.

Batter was crispy enough and the sauce was actually pretty on point. The salted egg was “gao” enough compared to quite a lot of other place so I’m satisfied. The fries were quite nice too.

Will consider ordering this again tho probably to share cause 2 fishes of 1 flavour (cheaper too btw) feels like it’ll be abit much.

I’ve not seen many dry ramen around Singapore so coming across an entire store dedicated to it was pretty exciting to me.

Tried for myself the mazesoba with braised pork ($14.80) and I loved how the noodles absorbed the sauce so well - yup the 20s mix rule they have is legit.

The meat was mostly perfectly done (only 1 piece could have been a little more tender but that’s not sth to pick on considering the whole). Would love to try the one with all toppings in future and oh would recommend adding the Chili oil and vinegar as I personally felt that the taste was even more so amplified 👌🏼

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Went for the pulled pork rice bowl ($7.90) the other day.
Pulled pork was flavourful but overall still slightly dry in my opinion thankfully saved by the gochujang sauce. Open to trying it again hoping that the outcome will be different if I consumed it not too Long after purchase (:

There was quite a Nasi Lemak craze which were quite a hit or miss but this was a hit for me.

Taste was authentic with relatively generous servings of chicken chunks, cucumber, egg and even ikan bilis! Would have this again.


Here’s featuring the garlic fried rice as well as the original pork gyoza.

Original Pork Gyoza - I felt that for the price paid, I don’t think it’s all that worth it. Have tasted better but love the sauce that goes really well with it

Garlic Fried Rice - could do more garlic but still quite 香 ☺️

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Personally felt that this was better than the normal gyoza.

A good little twist that would remind you just like takoyaki but may be abit much for 1 person but would definitely be great for sharing.

Tried this at plaza sing outlet

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If you love yourself some cheese, you’re gonna L O V E this!

It was an unexpected try cause no one around us was actually having this but we soon found ourselves reaching out for the next and the next and the next...

A definite order for me when I’m back for my next visit.

Never really stepped my foot in cause of the crowd but this was just self explanatory. I love how flakey it was on the outside and the cheese and mushroom just mixed so well together.

Still a little pricey ($8.50) in my opinion for a croissant but still a choice place to go if I need a good croissant fix

These handmade Xiao Long Baos are by far one of my favourite go to whenever I’m craving for some.
Though the skin may be a little chewy at the top (thickest portion) the broth and the filling are amazing.
These are going for $4 for 6 pieces or $6 for 10 pieces. Super worth it and would highly recommend this 😌👍🏼


This has got to be my ultimate fav from pipe district!

I love how the wings are perfectly fried yet incredibly juicy. I would think that normally the salted egg would end up overpowering the chicken but it isn’t the case for this.

For just $10 for 6 pieces would say this is quite worth its value and would definitely recommend this.