We had the beef kofta shakshuka ($16) and pulled pork eggs benedict ($14) with burpple 1-1. The shakshuka was flavourful and comforting, the pulled pork was really tender and the peri peri sauce gave the dish a unique flavour. We also had 8oz white coffee ($4.50) which was very aromatic, and a matcha cruffin ($5). There was a generous serving of matcha filling which wasn’t too sweet, and it went well with the coffee.

We had pork ribs ($25) and prawn pesto pasta ($23) with the burpple 1-1 deal. The pork ribs were fork-tender and flavourful, and I really enjoyed the pine nuts in the pesto sauce.

We had Babi pongteh ($8.50) and Assam fish ($8.50) with burpple 1-1. The food was flavourful and filling - I especially enjoyed the complimentary green bean soup and gula melaka kueh!

$2 per bowl - an amazingly value for money, delicious and refreshing bowl of chendol with adzuki beans and fresh chendol jelly! Already looking forward to my next bowl 😋

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$1.70 per pc, fresh and crunchy with thin chewy popiah skin! Will come back for more

We had the sanuki beef udon ($11.20) and pork egg udon ($10.80). Decent udon with yummy onsen egg, great deal with burpple 1-1. Would go back again, because both the curry udon and tonkotsu udon was sold out this round!

Haven’t been here before and didn’t realise they had so many branches! We had a flat white ($5) and a slice of chocolate truffle cake ($8.90). The cake was chocolatey and paired well with the coffee, wish we got the large coffee instead 😄

We had the Turkish eggs ($15) and smoked mushrooms on brioche ($15), with a 7oz white coffee ($5). Reasonable prices and decent food, even better with burpple 1-1 ✌🏻 the Turkish eggs were quite different from the tomatoey middle eastern baked eggs, as they use spiced yogurt. It was interesting, the sour taste is less pronounced when eaten with the poached eggs.

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We used burpple 1-1 dinner set: main + sauce + side + drink. Had 2 x 1/4 chicken ($9 each) with chimichurri yogurt and Smokey chipotle (this one goes really well with the chicken!) ($2 each), the chicoslaw ($6, love love the addition of macadamia nuts) and roasted veg ($7) with 2 Agua frescas ($5 each, green apple prickly pear - yum and mandarin lemonade).

We had the hazelnut rye brownie (around $5.50) and a white coffee with house blend beans ($5.50). The brownie was chocolatey with whole hazelnuts, and complemented the aromatic coffee really well.

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We had prawn and pork rib mifen mian ($6 each), one dry and one soup. The pork ribs were slightly tough, but I really enjoyed the flavour of the soup and the seasoning on the dry noodles!

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Flat white large for $5.50, chocolate fudge cake for $7.50. The coffee was rich and aromatic, really enjoyed it! Cake was decent, a little on the sweet side for me. Do come and visit but don’t get lost like I did!

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