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| 🍱 It’s always a Joy eating Unagi 。... ~ · Unajyu Half - $23.80 · Unajyu half is not as pricy but still as luxurious. Thick cut unagi sitting on top of Japanese rice bowl. Tender meat that’s also well flavoured. Comes with chawanmushi topped with a small bite of unagi. Unagi lovers should drop by for a delicious meal · Unagiya Ichinoji @unagiyaichinojidining
Unagi Hitsumabushi The grilled eel here just tasted a bit different from those that I could get from other competitors, because the eels were first steamed then grilled with a nice caramelisation of the sauce and captured a smoky taste. This also meant that the Unagi would boast a combination of juiciness and crispiness, with a sweet and smoky finish. It would have been a routine for me to order the Unagi Hitsumabushi (S$32.80) for an extra pot of Dashi broth, to be added to a portion of the rice and eel. Those who were informed would know that the mains should be divided into portions, each to be eaten in a different way using the condiments provided. Also, if you were like me, who liked the Unagi to be a little more saucy, you could actually ask for an extra serving of the Unagi sauce to intensify the sweetness of the eel.
Summer menu from @unagiyaichinoji. Feature : 💕Refreshing Ichinoji Cold Somen. Somen is soused in chilled dashi, served with smocked duck, hokkaido snow crab and signature charcoal-grilled unagi. Paired with salmon sashimi and Tobiko and crab meat. 💰$29.8++. It’s light and refreshing.. 💕Ichinoji Summer Ocean Mixed Box. Bento of charcoal-grilled unagi, Hokkaido scallop, snow crab claw and fresh Maguro sashimi. 💰$36.8++. . Enjoy summer promotion:. 💕10% off any unagi items. 💕special on 27th July, 20 % off any unagi items to celebrate unagi day. . 📍Unagiya Ichinoji Dining. 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307. Sky Garden Suntec City.
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More of the fabulous food we had at @nakedfinn during lunch yesterday. This Chilled Somen in yuzu ponzu sauce was refreshingly delicious, perfect for the hot weather and when we wanted something light yet flavourful. Diced salmon and scallops were lightly seared and added to the house-made Ikura that popped with amazing taste of the sea. We also had their grilled baby squids and daily special Uni “scallop risotto” that were awesome. Our lunch ended with a refreshing Lychee pink grapefruit sorbet that had such great texture we could taste the meat of the fruits. Their home-made Chendol with coconut sorbet was the next-level from the usual ones, tasting wonderful without the jelakness.
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I’m a big fan of prawn mee and this bowl of Hae Mee Tng by @nakedfinn was just a big indulgence. At a premium price, the bowl of prawn broth was dark and packed with intense, complex and rich seafood umami. Absolutely awesome flavours so good no drop of it was spared by the end of the meal. While there could be more of the sliced pork collar, the 3 huge and super fresh tiger prawns were totally delicious. Along with many other tasty seafood dishes, we have been drawn back here and know that we will come back again for more.
I makan
For a Treat-yourself Meal with the Crew Round up the gang for a splurge-worthy meal at Gillman Barracks. Must-tries include their comforting Hae Mee Tng ($25) where slices of pork and fresh prawns swim in a sweet broth. Also good is the Locally-farmed barramundi and the super popular Chilled Piquant Rice Vermicelli ($8) topped with a mountain of Sakura Ebi, both of which can also be found in their Dinner Menu (from $68). End the night on a high by hopping over to the bar next door, Nekkid, for a night cap or two. Photo by Burppler Vanessa Kou
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Bar-A-Thym Luncheon $38++ Starter: Grilled Cauliflower Velouté, Croutons, Chorizo Chips, Squid Ink Main: Big Ravioles filled with Homemade Ricotta, fresh herbs emulsion and Lemon confit Hazelnuts Dessert: Manjari Petit Pot, Café Anglaise, Cocoa Crumble Add on: “Les Frères Marchands” Cheese Selection ($12) This is one of the best luncheon I ever had in the CBD, especially the raviloes was made to perfection. And the intense flavour of the chocolate pot was to die for! We were super stuffed with satisfaction.
Business Set Lunch 4 Course $45++ Chose the lamb rump for my main course and even though the meat looks raw due to its pinkish colour, it didn't taste anything like that when eaten. The meat was tender and easy to eat as it is boneless. The dish is complete with a bed of mashed potato, roasted cauliflower, long beans, sweet potato and garlic pieces. The garlic can be a bit salty and pungent when eaten alone, it's best to eat it with the meat. Set lunch menu changes occasionally so you may not see the same item on the menu the next time you are here.
The Paris Brest (a Dessert Option in the $38++ Set Lunch Menu) Made in-house, the Paris Brest at Bar-A-Thym is the best I've ever had. While its icing sugar-dusted pastry was all about lightness and a lovely, almond-topped chewy crunch, its filling was luxuriously voluptuous and insanely rich with hazelnut flavour. Granted I may not have consumed that great a number of Paris Brests in my life but it doesn't detract from the sweet pleasure I derived from eating this. So glad I picked it from the four dessert options in the $38++ set lunch menu.
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