Chilli ban mian with the poached egg, minced meat and mushrooms make for a satisfying slurp anytime. The noodles here aren't the flat ones, but round and al dente. Decent enough to satisfy a dry chilli ban mian craving and at $4 a bowl. Wallet friendly. #namkeepau #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #plazasingapura

Think of a medley of seafood from sea bass to squid, mussels and fresh prawns generously topped on a pizza base of creamy assam (tamarind) paste. Reminds me of laksa pizza, but one with a creamy, tamarind tang at the back coupled with spices aroma.
It's not as pedas (spicy) as it may look so non-spicy eaters can eat this comfortably. Plus all the toppings cooked just. right.
Only here at the newly revamped @jubilicious_sg menu. Which counts the Padang Pasta (see last post) among one of my favourites too #hotelboss #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #jubilicioussg

All the drums and fanfare for this east-meets-west concoction of al dente pasta tossed in a delectable creamy sauce with assam paste, galangal, turmeric and topped with assorted seafood of mussels, prawns and squid. Comfort food, as celebrity @chefmeldean who is behind the expanded menu says. More to come on the few options we tried from the nearly 100 revamped menu options.
Thanks @jubilicious_sg @chefmeldean for filling us up to the seams, till I feel like bursting even up till now since lunch. @chubbybotakkoala for sharing the noms #hotelboss #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #jubilicioussg

Nasi Lemak is one of these dishes for me.
忘不了this Nasi Lemak with Chicken Katsu Cutlet. Crisp outside, succulent chicken cutlet with a homemade sambal belacan chilli that is aromatic and packs a mild heat. The most alluring has to be that pandan green nasi lemak rice. Makes for a satisfying plate.
Part of the lunch sets they have on weekdays, and $8 for this ala carte at this cafe that is comfortable to kick back whether alone or with a group of colleagues. The menu is an extensive mix from local-western be it the coffees or the desserts including shaved ice. #wangyuancafe #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg thanks @foodinsing for sharing the yummy bites. #outrampark

A 5 minutes ride from the central entertainment stretch of Cotai.

You can opt for a yuan yang pot (2 soups combination) and unlike many places in SG where they charge the more expensive soup base, the soups' costs are totalled and then divided by 2 here.

When they say Mala in China, they mean it. This was one 大大辣 (major spicy) soup base.

Go for
- Luncheon meat - which tasted amazing and you can actually see the chunks of actual meat in each slice
- Drunken chicken and you can taste the wine in each meat piece even after cooking in the pot
- Pork slices
- Yam slices - these were SO full of natural yam sweetness and a certain mushy texture to it after cooking made it all the more delectable

Averaged out about $30 per pax. And we were stuffed.
#hotpotmaster #macaufood #macauhotpot #澳门火锅 #火锅侠 #tiaravels #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg

This was only half of the table. - Luscious oysters that were briny and plump - these are available for $2++ each when you order a drink (up to half a dozen)
- Baguette cichetti of cream cheese, parma ham, sundried tomato and grilled peach with a dash of vinaigrette. LOVED this. - Baked Brie Cheese with Crumble and toasted garlic flat bread, drizzled with honey. Also loved this. - Indomie Goreng Fries (thick cut). #supplyanddemand #orchardgateway Thanks @supplydemandorchard for having us. #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg


Juicy caramelized onions. Check.

Crispy fries (with some skin on) sprinkled with honey mustard powder. Check.

The seasonal special available first in the U.S., and now in SG only till 21 October Caramazing Onion N' Chick Burger at $8.90 for a set.

Makes for a satisfying burger, especially for all of you who relish buttermilk chicken burgers like me. 😍 For this period, there's also a giveaway of a free burger set to 3 winners each week if you post a picture of ANY burger that didn't deliver as promised and #burgerfails. You might just get cheered up with a free set of Caramazing. ;) #popeyesg #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg
📷: @wishuponatart

The dim sum here has a few touches of twist on the menu. Take the super large Xiao Long Bao with special broth - meaty and flavourful, though the bun skin could use some thinning.
The egg custard of the egg tarts were so wobbly smooth it seemed like it was going to flow out any time. Yet, set back by the casing which would do much better with a flaky or more aromatic crust.
The place isn't the best by any local's standards, but good enough if you need a quick and convenient fix. #dingdim #dimsum #hongkong #central #hongkongfood #tiaravels #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg

Tried their madeleine, and this was great.
#herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg
📷: @wishuponatart

Discovered tonight this Japanese-fusion restaurant hidden @fareastplazasg. They have 8 existing Japanese restaurant concepts in one menu, and does it pretty well at least from what the two concepts we tried.
My first time having omurice with a side of doused tomato sauce, and it was appetising. The rice inside was also tomato fried rice and paired nicely with the succulent grilled Milano chicken thigh.
If you have calories to spare, the Pork Katsu cutlet, which was crisp outside and still maintaining a moist meat within ($19), is a great choice to go for (and my pick). Great value as far as the quality goes, so don't let the unassuming eatery fool you. 1-1 with @entertainersg #biseryusg #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #japanesefood

Now a mainstay on the @seoulyummy menu. We loved the runny egg that came along.

Between the kimchi soup and pork broth, my preference was for the hearty, milk pork broth. #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #seoulyummy #sgkorean

This is elevated mee pok with enough hae bee hiam (prawn and sakura ebi) flavour in the broth that poils at the base of these noodles. It boasts of tiger prawns, minced pork, chinese sausage and a sous vide egg.
Every mouthful was a flavourful mix of aromatic prawn broth, mee pok (could be more al dente no doubt though still ok, and sakura ebi aroma with a little heat. Comforting indeed, and if you feel like levelling up your mee pok. The place also does other kinds of modern dishes served small-dish style. Most are known familiars like your satay, but with their own touch of a twist. #izyfook #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg