I’ve eaten my fair share of doughnuts and honestly don’t really get the hype. The dough of the doughnuts is more chewy and dense (not light and soft as I prefer) and I found it very oily. To me, it’s ok if it’s just oil on my fingers but I could taste the reminiscent lingering flavor of oil in every bite. Even with the pistachio donut (which is very rich in texture and flavor) I could still taste the oil. Perhaps the dough’s batch was not good that day (potentially under proven due to the dense-ish dough) so the dough absorbed more oil in the process but I wouldn’t come back here again for doughnuts


This location is quite hidden but I think it’s totally worth the hunt as I find the gelato to be of good quality. I think that the waffles could have been better as they were more bready/dough-y on the inside; however, the pistachio gelato was really good. It is a premium flavor and it definitely delivers in terms of the pistachio taste as it is very prominent. Honestly I might even go out and say this is probably one of the best pistachio gelatos in SG. The mango passionfruit scoop was not as creamy (but that’s to be expected because nut-based gelatos are usually always creamier) and definitely has a more passionfruit flavor rather than mango. I thought it was still yummy but I think this depends on an individual’s personal preference in the end of the day! Definitely check this place out :)


Growing up in SF (aka in my humble opinion the ✨CAPITAL✨ of sourdough) I can state really confidently that Starter Lab does sourdough the BEST in Singapore. Although their products are definitely on the pricier side, they are really able to deliver in terms of tanginess and their crumb has a great moist texture too. As someone who makes sourdough at home, I always have a tough time to achieve the tang in Singapore and will always come here for my bread fix when I miss the tang.

Pictured here are two of their tartines. The mascarpone tartine with the honey and bee pollen was amazing but being more of a savoury person I loved the ricotta tartine with roasted tomato and the balsamic vinegar glaze because it has that balance of rich, tang, sweet, and savoury. But both are definitely amazing in their own right.

For $2.80 this cinnamon roll was a very generous portion! It was not too sweet and it was interesting how the cream cheese frosting made the cinnamon roll less sweet. The bun was also more soft and fluffy instead of bread-y. If you are looking for a (not extremely sinful) cinnamon bun, you should definitely come here.


This small and chic gelato shop serves fruity gelato with a slight Asian twist. I found the vanilla and fig gelato totally amazing. It was very creamy and had generous chunks of dried fig. The strawberry basil gelato is very refreshing; however, it might not suit everyone's taste. This is partly because the basil kicks in quite quickly, and it might take some time getting used to it. I also noticed that the strawberry basil ice cream did not have a creamy texture like the vanilla and fig. The texture seemed more icy and, to a certain extent, chunky. Regardless, I think the flavors are very unique and I would come here again! I would really recommend this place because the gelato here is refreshing and very light!