frind found it noMZ TOO! review same as the prev timEs i came 🤩🤩🤩 gots 2 say that they r v consistent with d portion n quAlity doe ~~~

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chNgae uP frm d bUbble but lovely comPANY W loveliest fuud too; got the salmon bowl thing (16) n a vegan bowl thing (16) n OsmantUz oolong! SalmOn was pretty yUmz n hearty bcos soupy n vegan was well season n daMN nutrientZ! 8/11 would cOme bck sgain 🤩🤩🤩

got d truffle x2
wouLd rate it 7.6/11 for the taste bcos rice was dressEd well w d sauCe and the beef was quite soft (th0 cannot compete with rakki hehe) but truffle taste was gUD n stronk wuLd b (semi) go to bowl place — 141 made it affordable; other than that I think I wouldn’t have it without 141 buT maybe will be back for the other bowls ~
pal didn’t want 2 b in phot so douBle me fAce 4 xmAz blezzings buT paL rated it a 10/11 n said “rave reviEWs, cos good service”!~


flavurs we goT : coffee cheesecake, choc sorbet, choc stout, salted caramel cheesecake
liked how u can have 2 flavurs in d same cup for d sem price wew and also must say thT taStin both flavurs tgt wah srsly mmphOof like new flavur created leh LOL but say realZ tho try d 2 flavurs tgt u won’t regreT!!! kopi cheesecake not too swiT and hAD d right balance of flaVurs yeEz can’t rly taste d alcohOl in choc stout but still p nice !!! suPr worth and lov d place hehe xd <3


got d truffle mushrUM lamian & dry YTF LAMIen
p decenT bowl uf nooDs and for a p decent price too !!!!! noOods wer tangY & super taSty mm and there is also d typical ytf sWit sauCe & chillY heh rly like atas hawker cenTr leh ~~ d sauce in d noodles weR also damn deliSh NGL but must say thT it was a lil dry 4 mi so wld apprc8 iF there was soM soup w it !!! oVerall wld come back & rly rly woRth 4 d priXe !!!!


goT d dark choc sorbET w pandan waffle & hojiCHA w waFFlE

wafflE R cRSip on d outside & a soFTy on d inside and d pandan flavR was not too strong whiCh makes d waffle less gElaT dark choC iCream p yuMm and hojiCha not too swit w d buRPPLe it was rlY woRth d priCe hehe and alsO ! there’s a place 2 take piX in d cafE 4 those influenZaS xmms outthr HAHA JKeZ ~~


got d ala carte dishes !!!
servicE was a 11/11 as they were so accommodating to my sis picKy req !!! beef & pork loin was tenDr & juicY and i esp loV my seafUd paSta as the tomato sauce was not overwhelminG - v subtlE tOmto taste which was mmhmm ~~
also it’s a SoCIAL enterpriSe so it makes the whole experience eVen more woRth as the funds are raised for the under privilege <33 mm haRt&tuMm so fUl now :”) Xtrmly worth d price sPeshCial thnXu to burpple hehe xd

lasellacafella sem rating as last timE cox ordered same ting but dis time w drinGk honestly i think thAt aliciu’s meal p worth so mayb next time can trY d rice bowls instead of D brunch menus ~~

omG yeet didn’t know burpple had 1-1 here LMAOZ rice bowls here made cheaper with butpple and also near the mrt so conveniENT! ~~ we got d brunch muffin and the surf n turf which was p yumZ! xdxd good study spot!


beli sTrong coffee but datS how i liek it hehe xd loV burpple 1for1 4r makin diS affordable <33


got 2x cafe latte; stronk coffee loV d mix between coffee n miLk not bad q worth location convenient againZzz!!!!!

NINGZ: supr gyud d beef ohmYmyMy d wagyu portion was so generouSly given & and the sauce w the rice and beef wah oooOmph honestly nothin myCh speciAl abt the salmon don but oveRaLL truly damn worth leyh ~~

LEE: the beef one was supER GUD I love bEef cooked righT and was chewy n soft at the same timeright combi n aMt of d sauces also hehe wouLD COME BACK 4 d bEEF BOWL AGAIN (1-1 makes it Super worth iT!!!!) the salmon was okkkk thought would b the sashimi rice but iZ normal rice instead!! but alls swiKkKk is worth it n damn ez to find the location :—) can fiTe w rakki


this b the pork platter thing n there’s d soFt shell chilli crAb pasta @ the sidE (cannot b seen bCos platter too fat take up the whole phOto) u knO what else is fAt ?d pork .iZ juice n fat that melts in ur mouTh every1luUuVed though we thought the platter portion could be for 4 peoples! abit ex tho but ate till full, dabao d rest ~ abit inaccessible and hard to find parking space but iZ cool

we got d sweet corn n creamy truffle! 1-1 made it worth and jumbo wAs d righT poRtion for mini fries crave! wAs msg overloaD buT suPER TASTY :—)