We had this over the weekend at $20 per kg. This durian cost us $40 and OMG, we are in heaven. The seed is small and the flesh is creamy, fragrance and sweet.

Very comforting to eat this when you are not hungry but want something savoury. Was told coix seed is good for you.

You need to eat the whole plate to enjoy the yumminest of the food. Added $1.50 for the samba egg. Total cost: $7.00

I have rum & raisin and apple pie ice cream to go with the waffles. Yum! $13

Every time when I visit Bangkok, I will come to this place without fail. This time round I choose this Tomahawk at the butchery and have it grilled and it comes with mashed potatoes and pepper sauce. Makes my day!

Big enough to share. Simple and therefore can taste the freshness of the beef. Perfect with wild rockets.

Their cakes are really fluffy, like chiffon cake with all the sweetness from the cream. You can really taste the freshness of each cake and obviously they go really well with coffee or tea. I drank the cold brewed jasmine rose tea without sugar and it’s just perfect for my tea break.

They used kampong chicken so it’s not so fatty. The skin is crisp from the burning and it more flavorful. It comes with fish maw and meat soup. Not much but good enough when we ordered many more other dishes. At $48, it’s slightly pricy but for good fun, it’s alright.

Can I announce this cake smell SO GOOD! I want to eat it everyday! It’s not overly sweet. You can eat a few slices and don’t feel jelak! Love it. A little bit pricy though. $16 for this.