Eh this was nice haha uni was tasty and the set includes Wagyu too (which tasted good w the salt). Small unassuming shop located in a slightly dingy mall haha eh but food was nice. The burpple 1-1 set was really quite worth it I must say :-) since uni is known to be rather ex

Get the shoyu fire ramen instead of the tonkatsu haha shoyu is nicer :-) soup was yum yum w the flaming spring onion oil it became so flavourful too. N u get to watch a free show haha what’s there to complain but the fire is damn huge af n hot LOL but it’s all bout the experience eh so alls good. Oh the queue time is super long tho like 1-1.5h good luck to u

Looks carcinogenic tbh LOLOL I think it was nubbad, tastes like regular karaage except the crust was v v slightly citrusy. Overall nice texture! But I think it’s abit ex for karaage haha tbh you’d be btr off just going for the fire ramen IMO!

Rly crispy outside and abit soft inside (still got shrimp meat) w v strong prawn flavour/essence. But share it, it gets jelak after awhile. Interesting snac tho haha fun to eat w rice

Used the 1-1 which made it rly worth it and I rly enjoyed this version of avo toast, gotta say it’s one of my favs. Smashed avo was well-seasoned (not like some places where it’s abit bland) and the poached eggs were perfect. The Dukkah, cherry tomatoes (well-seasoned too) and cubes of cheese (I think?) added extra tastiness :-) Ice latte was nice too. Only thing is it’s super hot if u sit outside so um wear cooling clothes pls haha PSA


The weekday lunch set rly w worth esp if u have ramen cravings bc it comes w ramen (smaller size), a side and a drink. First of all the tonkatsu broth is rich n tasty af esp w the black garlic thing, and I like to add sesame seeds n chilli powder bc I’m extra ✌️Can choose firmness of noodles too n I always pick hard bc I like hard noodles. Got the chicken bun for my side and iced green tea for my drink ehh rly nth to complain for the price :-)

The omelette is so well done mm i got the ham cheese n spinach n it was so nice n cheesy which I love. Hash browns super crispy and bacon also v crispy. Small bit of kale and cherry tomato provided some balance. Smoked salmon (separate order) was nubbad too haha they didn’t have sour cream so the chef v kindly made some sour cream on the spot so nice of them

This tastes like matcha powder mixed w beer like literally the 2 things mixed tgt hahaha but it’s interesting foshure :-) Nvr had a matcha beer before so it’s a new experience but I think I’ll probs stick to matcha and beer on their own HAHAHA bc I prefer the 2 things separately 😂

So apiary is always the place I go to whenever i eat dinner in Tanjong Pagar bc it’s one of the more famous ice cream and waffle places in that area haha. But tbh it’s alright!! Tastes like any other ice cream n waffles uh or maybe it’s just me but as long as it’s cold n sweet it’s g so I don’t rly compare so much plus I don’t rly have a v sweet tooth 🤭

Spago brekkie!!! The eggs Benny r so good I love the Hollandaise sauce haha n the ice latte/ice mocha/orange juice hehe... breezy open space n nice views too :-) if u come v early in the morning, it’s super cooling as well since it’s on the 57th floor n the morning air is cold

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Chicken n waffles were so good the chicken was crispy n tender n flavourful. The maple bourbon sauce was yums too. The carbonara rly stole the show the sauce was so amazing man just an awesome plate of carbonara u gotta try it if u go. Mama June’s sweet tea was refreshing n perfect for the weather tho a lil ex. anyways the restaurant has country vibes af n good songs (even some country songs too) felt like I was in Houston or sth hahaha jk. I loved the ambience luh. Would revisit foshure n p worth w the burpple 1-1 would say :-)

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The grilled bread was so good like abit buttery n sugary mmmmm appetising w the salty meats. The meats like lamb, chicken, pork n the squid were well-seasoned n coated in this tasty n salty (not complaining I love it) Sichuan seasoning damn... Havent been to many skewer restaurants so was a new experience for me!! Not bad would def return haha I liked it n it was q affordable too (if u don’t over-order)

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