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Added strawberry (+$1) and protein shot (+$1.50). Açai blended with cacao is uncommon and interesting. Unsweetened cacao actually helps to reduce appetite and makes one feel fuller. Completed with nuts, protein and granola, this bowl is rather wholesome. It would feel more filling than the signature açai bowl of the same size.

Got this when they had 1-for-1 and it was super worth it. Would be willing to pay for the full price for this gorgeous bowl. The açai is blended on spot and not scooped from a container from the freezer. The toppings are generous and ingenious - they have açai pearls! The ice cream you see, is actually froyo with perfectly complemented the açai. One of the best açai bowls I ever had.

The portion is a little small, but a delectable meal nevertheless. The beef was tender, seasoned with light dark pepper and sauce. The runny egg yolk complemented the beef and rice rather well, giving additional texture to each bite.

Quite a reasonable portion of salmon (8-9 slices), rather fresh, complemented by the slightly salty ebiko. Personally, find that the portion of rice is a bit more than then the salmon. The set came with a bowl of miso soup as well. Overall, it was pleasant dining experience and relatively satisfying meal.

Tucked away in a gadget shop, this place serves really good açai. I used to think açai bowls are all the same but actually the combination of toppings and what goes into the blend with the açai really makes a difference. Smooth blended açai with a great mix of berries, granola and nut. Recommended!

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A messy yet satisfying meal. The Galbi beef was so succulent and tender. The juice from the beef was dripping with every bite. The bagel, clearly, never disappoints - slightly crispy crust, chewy inside, with a subtle sweet taste.

A regular açai bowl to satisfy your açai craving. A little pricey for the original price, but was ok with the 1-for-1 deal. The açai was probably blended with frozen banana, and there was still some unblended ice in the bowl.

Look at the spread! It’s definitely very value for money. The herbal shredded chicken noodles was light with sufficient taste of the herbs. Great complement to the fried snacks. The sweet potato fries were nice and crispy, with a tinge of plum powder for taste. The fried shiitake mushroom on the other hand was a tad too salty. Overall, a very satisfying and sumptuous meal.

Super value for money with the 1-for-1 deal. The deal comes with a bottle of kombucha of your choice. This $12.50 (original price) set is filled with nutritional goodness with generous portions of protein, dietary fibres and complex carbs. Completed with the sweet and sour kombucha to help with your digestion post-meal.

Satisfy your nasi lemak craving with almost half the calories with this wholesome and nutritious bowl. With the sambal chilli and curry turmeric chicken, you don’t feel like you are missing out while on a diet at all. The onsen eggs were perfect and runny. A great sumptuous meal!

Generous portions of chicken breast sous vide with the familiar chicken rice fragrance and aroma, the bowl boasts a relatively low calorie count of 446 cals. This wholesome meal is complete with their homemade chicken rice chilli.

Was expecting a thick consistency from the Greek yogurt but it turns out to be delightfully light. The yogurt’s characteristic subtle sweet and sour taste was enhanced by the citrus flavour from the yuzu bits. Overall, a pleasing and refreshing drink.