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Nice ambience with good service. Great place to chill with friends and catch up. The burger was a huge portion, good for sharing (for the ladies). Would recommend the sweet potato fries as well.

The price is a little steep for a small bowl of dessert. However, they were pretty generous with their huge dollop of durian paste. Overall, it was rich but not overly. Recommended if you are craving for a durian treat.

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Really worth it with the 1 for 1 deal. One of the better açai bowl/cup I have tried. It was pretty wholesome with all granola, goji berries, fruits and other super food.

Super value for money with the Burpple deal. Great ambience and food. The soup was just right, not too rich or salty. The service, however, was a tad slow.

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Added on scrambled eggs and rocket leaves, and it was very satisfying. The café ambience was really lively and upbeat. Paid $11 for this, though a tad expensive, would still come back to try a couple of the other combinations.

Simple and delightful. The dessert wasn't too sweet, balanced with the fragrance of the coconut milk. The rest of the menu was really tempting as well. Will definitely be back to try the others.

Super value for money especially with the Burpple deal! Generous portion of beef, flamed torched to perfection, complimented by the fragrance of truffle.

Nice quaint cafe for tea time. The tart was served hot, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. Overall, a great dinning experience.

I would refer to as a cake more than a tiramisu because of the texture. It tastes delicious as a matcha cake but nothing special in my opinion. Has a tinge of lemon-y taste to it.

It was worth it with the 1-for-1 deal. Got the large bowl with was quite filling for both my friend and I. Generous fruit toppings and different dressings available to choose from.

The place was a lot more comfortable and spacious after the renovation. Great soft serves as usual. Looking forward to trying the cakes

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Simple dish but well done. Generous portion of duck meat, tender and nicely roasted. The tangerines were a nice touch to the overall flavour. The place was very empty for dinner but it looks like a really quaint location for brunch.

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