I would refer to it as a cake more than a tiramisu because of the texture. It tastes delicious as a matcha cake but nothing special in my opinion. Has a tinge of lemon to it.

It was worth it with the 1-for-1 deal. Got the large bowl with was quite filling for both my friend and I. Generous fruit toppings and different dressings available to choose from.

The place was a lot more comfortable and spacious after the renovation. Great soft serves as usual. Looking forward to trying the cakes

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Simple dish but well done. Generous portion of duck meat, tender and nicely roasted. The tangerines were a nice touch to the overall flavour. The place was very empty for dinner but it looks like a really quaint location for brunch.

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Unlike the the all about them proteins pizza, this one didn't live up to its name. My friends and I couldn't taste salted egg yolk at all. Nevertheless, it wasn't a bad tasting pizza. The overall dining experience was still good.

The pizza lived up to its name, with a good amount of meat on it. It was satisfying and my favourite of the 4 pizzas we ordered. (We ordered mala madness pizza, golden egg pizza and mentai my piggy pizza as well.)

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Value for money, with the 1 for 1 promotion with OCBC credit cards. Crispy thin crust and slightly spicy. One of the recommended pizza flavours.

Came with a complementary salad and miso soup. Nothing special, just average.

While spending $13.90 on shaved ice is indeed a little pricey, it was a great experience overall. The shaved ice was topped with milk and have a reasonable amount of toppings to go with it. The portion was just right for 2-3 girls.

There were no seats when my friends and I visited but the cakes were so pretty and so we decided to takeaway. The lychee rose cake is light and nice. The galaxy cake, though pretty, was just regular chocolate. The cakes are relatively pricey as well!

A pretty average açai bowl, unfortunately didn’t find it value-for-money.

Generous portion for an affordable price. Came with a variety of tempuras - prawn, sotong, long bean, pumpkin, chicken, crabstick and mushroom. Highly recommended!