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Pistachio + Hojicha Toasted Almond ($10) Back at our fav ice cream place! Hojicha has a nice roasty green tea flavour, but we couldn’t really taste the almonds. Pistachio was great as usual! However, the texture of the ice cream has changed a little, it’s no longer as sticky / chewy as before :(
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| 🍦 That’s some Dopa Ice Cream 。... ~ · Double Scoop - $7.60 Cone + $1 · It’s my first time visiting and I picked 2 different flavours to try out, Milk Oolong & Chocolate. Well the chocolate is a classic flavour so there’s not much of a twist. I would prefer the milk oolong instead, in which the milk gelato is infused with Taiwan oolong to give a mild yet lingering tea aroma. They changes the flavours time to time so do drop by to see if there’s unique flavours · Dopa Dopa @dopadopa.sg
Croissant + Avocado + Pistachio Great for those with a lighter palate, Dopa Dopa Creamery’s Avocado and Home Roasted Pistachio were perfectly gooey [Double scoop $7.60, +$0.70 for premium flavours]. Both were also very natural tasting; none of the cloying, artificial, thirst-inducing effect that you sometimes get with other ice creams. For a more substantial treat, the Butter Croissant ($4.50) was a good vessel to soak up all the nutty goodness from the Pistachio. Made with their home-made nut paste, the subtle lingering fragrance of their signature flavour was enjoyable. And in comparison, the Avocado had a refreshing quality and a pleasant bit of sweet earthiness.
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