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There are 4 pieces of Lu Rou in tt bowl. If one person orders the Lu Rou, get a bowl of rice and also order something else to share then it might be sufficient. Red Tea Jelly has pearls in it swimming in what bubur chacha swims in. The pearls are not sweet. Oyster mushroom is actually not bad but slightly lacking in seasoning. Pork chop portion is really too small. One wld get greater satisfaction in ordering taiwanese fried chicken pieces elsewhere that cost about half tt price with greater quantity.

Tried the salted plum for free flow drink and it tastes so diluted... home made plum juice is much nicer!
There's also no service, you have to get ur own food and clear ur own table and sort out the bowls, utensils tray etc when returning.
Not justifying the price.. #whrSuntec #whrTheSaltedPlum

you'll have to pay me to eat it again.

Tsukemen 🀒 ($14.90++): "It's as though they squeezed duck perspiration into the tsukemen broth" - unfortunate birthday boy @shazech

The pork based ramen were more palatable and decent altho not as good as the other branch specialising in pork broth.

The ribs we ordered to share also had this gamey taste tho.. not sure if it's flavour retained in my mouth, or the "cross contamination" of the gamey flavour frm the hybrid duck in the wok prev.

I won't return to this branch.. I don't uds why ppl might like this branch if they do..maybe if they want to lose weight? I lost all appetite for abt a month aft having this, now slowly on the way to finding my appetite back. Love the lobster #keisuke branch tho!

#whrJapFood #whrRamen #whrKeisuke #whrHybridDuck

Used to have this frequently about 20 yrs ago but havent had it in a long time. Mummy remembers that the stall owners are still the same as 20 yrs ago.

Har Gow 😊 ($3.60) + Siew Mai 😐 ($3.60) + Chicken Feet 😊 ($3.80) + Hakka Yong Tau Fu 😊 ($3.80)

There is a $0.50 deposit for using the tray

#whrDimSum #whrMarineParade

The large size is $6.

The soup is flavourful but the yellow noodles didn't go quite so well in a soup version. Also, I was hungry by 4pm... #whrSerangoonGardens #whrBakChorMee #whrMichelinBib

It is huge and super sweet due to the marshmallow

#whrDessert #whrRafflesCity #whrCityHall #whrPSCafe

The dipping sauce was not quite enough for finishing the noodles. The shaw branch is a tad more stingy on the vol of sauce given as compared to the holland village one. The soup given on the side for mazesoba is also small in vol

The 栗子 was slightly sweet 😊. They also have a salmon rice tt ran out when I was ordering. These two are $14.90 per set. Have to order first before finding seats.

#whrTakashimaya #whrOrchard #whrJapFood

The scallops and prawns are shiok 😊 but i wish the aglio olio was more flavourful. It was kinda bland 😐

Oyu has more salted egg taste, but has an artificial flavour I didn't like. I subsequently identified it to be the taste of margarine upon looking at the ingredients list.

Golden duck has more of a pork floss taste than salted egg taste, and it was pretty spicy. The spiciness overpowered what little salted egg taste there was, and also masked the taste of margarine.

In terms of texture, Oyu was more airy-fluffy-crispy while Golden Duck was just crispy.

This is actually the first time I'm trying salted egg fish skin, can u believe it? πŸ˜‚